The Iroquois War Chief is an infantry War Chief unique to the Iroquois in Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs.


The Iroquois War Chief boosts hit points of nearby units. Like other War Chief, he is very effective in combat due to his large attack and support abilities. In the Imperial Age the Iroquois War Chief is a very powerful explorer with 96 Ranged Attack, 108 Siege Attack, and 48 Hand Attack. This attack can be to pushed 102 Ranged Attack, 331 Siege Attack, and 51 Hand Attack with the use of Home City Cards.


Unlike the other war chiefs, he has two special abilities:

  • Nature Friendship, which can convert Treasure Guardians to his side;
  • Eagle Eye, a ranged attack that does area damage (60 Ranged Damage, 16 Range, 3 Area, x0.25 vs. Treasure Guardians, spies and Ninjas).

For 200 woodResources wood and 100 coinIcon coin, the player can research Secret Society at the Fire Pit, which gives the War Chief the ability to heal other units.

History Edit

"War chiefs, typically young men in their prime, were responsible for leading warriors into battle. Even though they led their tribe's war efforts, they had to answer to a council of tribal leaders who attended to the daily affairs of the tribe.

Mohawk chief Thayendenaga, also known as Joseph Brant, fought alongside the British during the American Revolution. Along with his army of Native Americans, he fought in the battle of Oriskany in August 1779. He served as a captain in the British Army until the end of the war, at which point he turned his attentions to diplomacy and working to achieve the best living conditions for his people in the period after the American victory.