The Iron Boar is a special unit appearing in campaigns in The Conquerors and The Forgotten. A much more powerful variant of the Wild Boar, it provides a tough challenge for any attacker, boasting 350 hitpoints, and an attack more powerful than most units. Unlike the Wild Boar, which gives out food when hunted, the Iron Boar cannot be gathered from, so using Villagers or other Soldiers to attack it will not work (they will just stand as the Iron Boar attacks them until they are killed).

It appears in The Scourge of God in the Attila campaign, as well as the A Promising Warrior scenario of the Prithviraj campaign. In the former, Attila is being invited by his brother, Bleda, to hunt down the Iron Boar. In the latter, if the player chooses to go hunting, they will encounter the Iron Boar near a river in the hunting ground.

Strategy Edit

Attila - Scourge of God Edit

Since Bleda betrays the player soon after they kill the Iron Boar, it is best to let the Iron Boar fight with Bleda so that Bleda will barely defeat the Iron Boar, allowing Attila to easily kill him when Bleda springs his ambush. Attila may also choose to skip the Iron Boar altogether and choose to betray Bleda before they even begin to fight the Iron Boar; or leave the camp whereupon Bleda takes control of the Huns but leaves some followers for Attila. Another method is to kill the Boar, then run back to the camp so the player can control all Bleda's units.

Prithviraj - A Promising Warrior Edit

When the player encounters the Iron Boar after crossing the river (near a waterfall), the Iron Boar will attack. Instead of killing it, they should instead lure it by retreating until the Iron Boar gets into the river and is drowned at the waterfall. They may then safely cross the river.

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