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The Iron Age is the fourth and final Age in Age of Empires, and follows the Bronze Age. To reach this age, 1000 food, 800 gold is required. This age is often characterized by military conquests and economic expansion as well as the difference between victory and defeat.

During the Iron Age, players often are limited by the comparatively high cost of minute unit upgrades, such as Centurions and Heavy Horse Archers, which require almost as many resources as Wonders. Therefore, it is often in this age in which a player will invest in a more specific strategy. Wonders are available to construct in this age.

Buildings available[]

Units available[]

Civilization bonuses[]

  • Greeks: Advancing to the Iron Age is 10% faster.


Characterized by a dependence upon precious metals to drive economies, empire building, expansion, construction of massive cities supporting huge populations, sophisticated military organizations, siege tactics, armor and weaponry, dominance of seaways with war galleys and triremes and enormous construction projects including the Wonders of the Ancient World.
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