Inferno is a Chinese Mythic Age god power in Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon that is available to worshipers of Chongli. When cast, it burns down enemy buildings and scorches units located inside its radius.

Strategy Edit

Inferno is quite effectively used in attacks on enemy bases as it does equal amounts of damage to buildings and units. Similar to Hera's Lightning Storm and contrary to its description, Inferno does no damage to friendly buildings/units. As such, it is perfectly safe to use while in the middle of a battle. As a matter of fact it is recommended. Inferno generates wandering flames that do Area of Effect damage to anything they touch, but they remain within the god power radius.

Units within that radius will only receive damage if they come in contact with the flames and can easily escape harm altogether by leaving the area. So to maximize its effects, players should cast Inferno in the middle of a decisive battle, such as an attempt to secure an enemy Settlement. This way, they will either be standing in one place fighting off their attackers or have more difficulty escaping while maneuvering around their own buildings. Even if some units escape, the enemy buildings will not only be weakened but left completely unattended.

Like Ao Kuang's Great Flood, Inferno is not the most powerful "disaster" god power and will only take out the weakest buildings and units. However, anything that remains will be severely weakened and easier to dispose of. Airborne units are unaffected by Inferno.

Changelog Edit

Tale of the Dragon Edit

  • Initially, Inferno could not block other god powers in its range. This was changed in patch 2.0.

Trivia Edit

  • When first revealed to the public, Inferno's icon was originally the same image as Artemis' Flames of Typhon. This was confirmed to be a placeholder by the developers, and was changed in patch 2.0.
  • Inferno was originally an Egyptian god power in beta versions of Age of Mythology, until it was removed for unknown reasons; its icon became used for Flames of Typhon.

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