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The Industrial Age is the fourth Age in Age of Empires III, following the Fortress Age. It is characterized by the Industrial Revolution which took place during the 18th and 19th centuries. The Industrial Revolution was a massive economic, social, and technological change facilitated by the introduction of steam power and the use of automated machinery in manufacturing.

In addition, the Industrial Age sees the growth and the rise of militaristic and economic developments. At this point in the game, most players are able to produce large armies of military units and are also able to fortify themselves more effectively. Before advancing, the player will have the option to select one out of the two available politicians, each providing different rewards. The Industrial Age is followed by the Imperial Age and in The WarChiefs expansion, an option for European civilizations to Revolt instead.

Advancing to the Industrial Age grants buildings a 4 LOS upgrade.

Available politicians[]

Advancement to the next Age requires the selection of a politician to advance with, different civilizations will have different politicians available depending on Home City level and civilization:

Politician Bonuses Civilization(s)
The Cavalry Marshal.png
The Cavalry Marshal
Ships 9 Ruyters Dutch
Ships 3 Cuirassiers French
Ships 7 Uhlans Germans
Ships 5 Hussars Ottomans
Ships 7 Cossacks Russians
Ships 6 Lancers Spanish
Ships 5 Hakkapelits Swedes
The Engineer.png
The Engineer
Ships 2 Falconets British
Ships 2 Organ Guns Portuguese
The Grand Vizier.png
The Grand Vizier
Ships 3 Spahi Ottomans
The King's Musketeer.png
The King's Musketeer
Ships 10 Musketeers British
Ships 13 Musketeers Russians
Ships 8 Skirmishers Dutch
Ships 10 Caroleans Swedes
Politician logistician.png
The Logistician
Ships 1 Fort Wagon British
Politician papal guard.png
The Papal Guard
Upgrades Crossbowmen and Pikemen to Guard; allows Crossbowmen and Pikemen to be upgraded to Imperial French
Upgrades Crossbowmen to Royal Guard and Pikemen to Guard; allows Crossbowmen to be upgraded to Imperial Guard and Pikemen to be upgraded to Imperial Portuguese
Upgrades Crossbowmen to Guard and Pikemen to Royal Guard; allows Crossbowmen to be upgraded to Imperial Spanish
Upgrades Pikemen to Royal Guard Swedes
The Tycoon.png
The Tycoon
Ships 1,000 coin British
The Viceroy.png
The Viceroy
Ships 5 Settlers and 500 food British
Ships 5 Settlers and 400 coin Dutch
Ships 3 Settler Wagons and 300 wood Germans
Ships 6 Fishing Boats and 400 wood Portuguese
The War Minister.png
The War Minister
Ships 7 Oprichniks Russian
Ships 12 Rodeleros Spanish

Units and buildings available[]