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Grenadiers have an increased burst radius and do more damage to buildings.
—In-game description

Incendiary Grenades is a technology in Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs that can be researched by European and American civilizations with access to Grenadiers (British, Dutch, Ottomans, Russians, Swedes, and the United States, with the Washington's Legion Home City Card) and Soldado (Mexicans) at the Arsenal once the Commerce Age* is reached, if the Advanced Arsenal Home City Card has been sent. Once researched, it increases the siege attack of Grenade Troopers by 15% and the radius of their ranged attack's splash damage by 1.

The Imperial Middle Guard improvement also automatically grants the French player Incendiary Grenades.


The WarChiefs[]

Definitive Edition[]

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Arsenal technologies
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A requires the Advanced Arsenal Home City Card
G only available to civilizations with Grenadiers