Age of Empires Series Wiki
Civilization Technology tree Strategy

There are two paths depending on the map.

  1. Build 1-2 Kanchas and age up. Send three Villagers as the first shipment. Keep the Chasqui close to the opponents' outer hunt ready to strike the opponents' Town Center. Send every unit shipment as well as Big Button technologies for units. The goal is to get units shipped to the opponents' Town Center before they can start a snowball via economy through Banks or un-garrisoned Villagers.
  2. Build 1 Kancha in transition, send 3 Villagers, and build a Tambo close to the opponent (this will be the forward shipment point, so the player can send the The Messenger age up rather than the chasqui shipment point). Send a card to receive about 15 population worth of units for the rush to the first Commerce Age shipment being approx. 10 population. Its a bigger blow and lets the rush become sustained, as the player can continue sending unit shipments before running out.

Keep the opponents off gathering resources! The game is won by economy. More Villagers gathering means more economy, which means more units, which means positive trades, win. Keep the opponent loosing res/min at a greater rate than the player while attacking and taking Town Center fire.