Implode is an Atlantean Mythic Age god power in Age of Mythology: The Titans that is available to worshipers of Atlas. It casts a spherical "black hole" when summoned. This "hole" sucks in nearby units and implodes, causing damage to all nearby units and substantial damage to buildings surrounding the impact of the implosion.

Strategy Edit

Implode differs from Earthquake or Meteor as it cannot be cast directly onto enemy buildings. It requires a clearing so that the black hole can emerge from the ground and begin sucking in nearby units. If there are no units nearby, the following implosion will deal a standard 600 crush damage to any building within the blast radius. But for every unit it sucks in, regardless of their stats, it will deal any additional 60 crush damage. The units themselves will receive 200 hack damage, indicated by the "zap" sound made when they enter the hole.

Damage cap against enemies

  • Villagers: 700 damage
  • Soldiers: 3800 damage
  • Buildings: 5000 damage

Damage cap against allies

  • Villagers: 400 damage
  • Soldiers: 400 damage
  • Buildings: 800 damage

It is not recommended to use Implode during an attack on the user's town as it will suck in friendly troops as well, though they take less damage. However, using it to soften up an enemy town is effective. It will devastate the opponent's army and severely damage their town, leaving it vulnerable to attack. Villager units are also vulnerable and will typically instantly die due to their low hack armor. Therefore, one ideal use for Implode is to take out an enemy Titan Gate under construction, as it will be surrounded by villagers and located within the safety of an enemy town.

Units are sucked in the hole one by one so it provides a short amount of time for some units to escape the pull of the hole by moving out of range. If too many units are sucked into the black hole, it will disappear and not damage any other unit or building.

Trivia Edit

  • Caravans will not be pulled into the black hole.

Gallery Edit

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