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This article is about the Scenario Editor unit in Age of Empires II HD: The Forgotten. For other uses, see Centurion.

Heavy cavalry unit.
Age of Empires II description

The Imperial Centurion (simply called Centurion before Return of Rome) is an untrainable heavy cavalry unit introduced in Age of Empires II HD: The Forgotten. It appears in some campaign scenarios and is available in the Scenario Editor. It is statistically identical to the Elite Cataphract.

The Centurion's appearance in The Forgotten is all but identical to a Cataphract, except for the helmet, which is taken from the Legionary in Age of Empires.

In the Definitive Edition, Centurions have a unique and less anachronistic appearance based on Late Roman Cataphracts (but different from the game's Cataphract trained by the Byzantines), with golden horse armor, cape, ridge helmet, and a round shield with the Chi Rho symbol. The Definitive Edition version of Belisarius also has this appearance.

Since update 42848, Centurions appear in the Battle Royale game mode, acting as Guardians of buildings. Higher numbers of Guardians appear near Castles.

A new Centurion was re-introduced as the trainable Roman unique unit in Return of Rome, and this unit's name was changed.

Campaign appearances[]

The Centurions appear in some scenarios of the Alaric and Bari campaigns, and in the Bapheus scenario of The Forgotten, most often under the command of AI players (the Romans and Byzantines). An exception would be the Byzantine Commander in Arrival at Bari, joining Panos Nautikos during the conquest of Bari by the Byzantines.

In the Definitive Edition, Centurions replace the Western Roman Empire's spawned Elite Cataphracts at the end of the Attila the Hun campaign's fourth scenario, A Barbarian Betrothal. They are also included in several scenarios of the reworked Alaric campaign, like Razing Hellas (as part of the Eastern Roman Empire's forces), The Belly of the Beast (in Ravenna, with one representing Emperor Honorius), and The Giant Falls (as part of the Imperial Legions in Rome).

With Return of Rome, Imperial Centurions have been mostly replaced by the new Centurion unique unit. One remaining appearance is as Emperor Honorius in The Belly of the Beast.


  • The Centurion was a rank in the Roman army, being the commander of a Centuria, or Century (literally and originally 100 men, although the standard size was 80 men for most of the Roman Empire).
  • The original appearance of the Centurion is anachronistic, as it combines Medieval heavy cavalry armor with an ancient Greek helmet of the Chalcidian type. Actual Centurions fought as infantry and wore either a Galea or (in Late Antiquity) a ridge helmet, like those worn by the Centurion and Legionary in the Definitive Edition. A Roman rider would have been called Eques, Legatus, or Clibanarius (in the case of fully armored heavy cavalry).
  • The Centurion rank continued in the Medieval Byzantine Army under the Greek name Kentarches.


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