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This article is about the Age in Age of Empires III. For other uses, see Imperial Age.

The Imperial Age is the fifth and final Age in Age of Empires III. It is an important era, because researching the technologies available in this Age will usually determine the difference between victory and defeat, thus breaking a long game.

All Home City Cards that deliver one-time troops and resource crates, can be sent again after reaching Imperial Age. This means if the player had sent for 8 Cavalry Archers prior to advancing to the Imperial Age, the player can send for them again. Therefore, the player should make sure they send any special units (e.g. Sipahis for Ottoman players) before advancing so they can double the amount of Sipahis they can obtain per match.

Advancing to the Imperial Age will have following effects:


Advancement to the next Age requires the selection of a method to advance with. Different civilizations will have different methods available:

Politician Bonuses Civilization(s)
Politician black duke
The Black Duke
Ships 6 Drummers Flag BritishDE British
Ships 16 Black Brunswickers Flag GermanDE Germans
Politician el presidente
El Presidente
Ships 2,000 coin; +1,000 coin* All
Politician general
The General
Ships 2 Heavy Cannons Flag DutchDE Dutch
Flag FrenchDE French
Flag GermanDE Germans
Flag MalteseDE Maltese
Flag PortugueseDE Portuguese
Flag RussianDE Russians
Flag SpanishDE Spanish
Flag SwedishDE Swedes
Ships 3 Rockets Flag BritishDE British
Ships 2 Great Bombards Flag OttomanDE Ottomans
Ships 2 Papal Bombards; +1 Papal Bombard* Flag ItalianDE Italians
Politician inventor
The Inventor
Ships an Advanced Hot Air Balloon; Ships 1 Leonardo's Tank instead* Flag MalteseDE Maltese
Flag OttomanDE Ottomans
Flag SpanishDE Spanish
Flag RussianDE Russians
Flag ItalianDE Italians
Politician knight
The Knight
Grants Knighthood and Peerage All except Italians
Politician mercenary contractor
The Mercenary Contractor
Outlaws and Fortress Age mercenaries get +50% hit points and attack; Industrial Age mercenaries get +35% hit points and attack; +2 Royal Horsemen* All
Politician Royalist
The Royalist
Ships 17 Line Infantry Flag DutchDE Dutch
Ships 18 Royal Musketeers Flag FrenchDE French
Ships 18 Royal Musketeers; Ships 15 Royal Dragoons instead* Flag ItalianDE Italians
Ships 18 Northern Musketeers Flag RussianDE Russians
Ships 17 Mountain Troopers Flag SwedishDE Swedes
Politician Scottish marshal
The Scottish Marshal
Enables Grand Master with a devastating Swashbuckler Ability Flag MalteseDE Maltese
* With the "Advanced Politicians" Home City Card; Italians only

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Available units, buildings and technologies[]

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