The Immortal is one of the Chinese hero units in Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon. Immortals are unique as they have both a melee and ranged attack and will use whichever weapon is best suited for their opponent. Like other Heroes, Immortals are strong against myth units.

While Immortal melee attack does 9 points of hack attack, its ranged attack have 6 points piece attack, which is significantly weaker.

The player can train up to eight Immortals. For players worshiping Nü Wa and Shennong, two Immortals are available per age, while players worshiping Fu Xi can train all eight Immortals from the Archaic Age.

Attack Edit

Melee Attack Edit

Immortals use melee attack against the following units:

Ranged Attack Edit

Immortals use ranged attack against the following units:

  • All archer units and Throwing Axemen
  • All ranged Greek heroes, Pharaohs, and Priests
  • All ranged myth units except Fire Giants
  • All naval units

Attack Bonuses Edit

  • Myth units ×7.0
  • Set Animals ×3.0
  • Archaic Age ×0.1

God Bonuses and Upgrades Edit

Specific Edit

Fu Xi allows all eight Immortals to be trained as early as the Archaic Age.

General Edit

Strategy Edit

Being Hero units, they are necessary in order to combat enemy Myth Units, but also in order to collect Relics (particularly since Monks are unable to pick them up).

In comparison to other, similar mass-trainable Heroes, such as the Hersir, Immortals excel as far as combat is concerned. Unlike other Heroes, they have two attacks, a melee that causes melee damage, and a ranged one with piercing damage and 14 range. This makes them the most adaptable Hero unit in the game, as they will choose whichever weapon causes the most damage, depending on the target's resistances. Combined with the worship of Chang'e and Zhong Kui, Immortals can become even more versatile, as they will combine regeneration, with better speed and an even better bonus against Myth Units.

They are especially dangerous against flying units, as their substantial attack bonus (especially with Demon Slayer researched), combined with their decent attack, can spell doom to flying scouts, such as Ravens and Pegasi, whereas a group of 2-3 Immortals can easily fell even more powerful units, such as Stymphalian Birds and Phoenixes. Their stats are decent in comparison to Priests' and Hersirs, but Immortals also have two notable drawbacks: they are available solely to the Town Center, meaning that their production can halt down Peasant production, and they also have a limit of 8. This means that they cannot be massed in enormous numbers, as well as the fact they should not be trained without purpose and reason.

Trivia Edit

  • Excluding Gaia (that has a unique attack against her son, Kronos), Immortals are the only unit to have multiple types of (non-rechargeable) attacks.
    • They are also the only mass-trainable Heroes to have a build limit.
  • In-game, all Eight Immortals are male and identical, and lack names. In reality, at least one Immortal was female (He Xian'gu, but also probably Lan Caihe, whose gender is ambiguous), and they all have had different depictions in Chinese mythology.
  • Immortals are ineffective against Hades' Sentinels as they will mimic the statue's pierce attack even though they have high pierce armor.

History Edit

"Great feats and extreme acts of devotion, fervor, or piety might be enough to grant mortals the opportunity to ascend to a higher plane of immortal existence.

The Eight immortals of the Taoist pantheon were a diverse group of men and women who achieved immortality through fasting, kindness to the poor, and sometimes divine intervention. Lan Caihe even ascended to heaven while totally drunk after inadvertently climbing onto a celestial swan. Sun Wukong was so amused that he granted La Caihe 500 years of his magical powers.

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