"Mountain goat."
In-game description
The Ibex is a huntable animal in Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties. It appears in the maps Himalayas, Silk Road, and Yellow River. Each creature holds 400 food and have 20 hit points.

History Edit

"Scientific Name: Capra sibirica
Approx. Size: 4-5.5 ft. long, 2-3.5 ft. to shoulder, 100-250 lb.
Diet: Grasses, leaves, shoots of bushes

The Siberian ibex roams the rocky cliffs of Siberia’s Sayan Mountains and other Asian mountains, pawing at the snow to reach the vegetation underneath, and fleeing to high outcroppings when threatened. They generally live at high altitudes but can climb to heights of 16,000 feet during the summer months, descending to areas where the snow has difficulty covering.

The basic color of the Siberian ibex is light tan, which darkens to black during the winter months. Both sexes have a small beard beneath their chins and horns, but the horns of the female are shorter and curve slightly backwards, while the horns of the male grow into great, looping arcs.

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