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You have advanced to the Heroic Age under the Watchful Eyes of Hyperion.
—Age up text in Age of Mythology: The Titans

Hyperion is an Atlantean Heroic Age minor god in Age of Mythology: The Titans. He is available to worshipers of Kronos and Oranos.


God power[]

  • ChaosIcon Chaos: Target an enemy group to make them hostile to all. Can be cast 3 times (2 before the Extended Edition).

Myth units[]

  • SatyrIcon Satyr: Spear-throwing myth unit that should keep its distance from attackers.
  • NereidIcon Nereid: Fragile naval myth unit that does devastating damage.


  • Heroic Renewal Heroic Renewal: Heroes regenerate 2 hit points per second.
  • Gemino Gemino: Doubles the amount of javelins the Satyr throws.

Technology tree[]

God power
Heroic Renewal
Heroic Renewal


Hyperion's benefits are tailor made for players pitched against enemies who favor myth units. His most notable benefit is the Heroic Renewal technology that enables heroes to regenerate hit points. This makes them last longer in combat, especially against the strongest myth units, and saves the player the trouble of training more of these expensive units. This combines well with Prometheus' Heart of the Titans technology which allows players to spam heroes at a lower cost.

The Titan-God of Watching also grants two fragile Myth Units that provide excellent support for soldiers fighting other myth units. The Nereid in particular can deal seven times more damage against other myth units, keeping war ships safe from creatures such as the Kraken. Satyrs are not as powerful as other Heroic Age myth units but have the benefit of a ranged attack and can strike several units at once, especially when upgraded with the Gemino myth technology. Finally, the Chaos god power is useful when facing superior forces, as the enemy will not just find their soldiers and powerful myth units no longer obeying their commands, but actively attacking them.


A Titan and god of watching, he fathered Helios (the sun), Eos (the dawn), and Selene (the moon). His name means "he who goes before the sun," related possibly to being the father of Helios or the visibility that precedes the sun's approach.
—In-game section


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