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Hypaspists are anti-infantry infantry units in Age of Mythology available to the Greeks from the Heroic Age.

Attack bonus[]

God Bonuses and Upgrades[]



Zeus makes infantry do double damage to buildings.


As counter-infantry, Hypaspists will destroy infantry with ease but that is essentially their only use. They are very vulnerable to ranged units due to their poor pierce armor. Cavalry will defeat them as well though at some cost. Like many other counter units, Hypaspists are not cost effective in general use. Toxotes fill the anti-infantry role well enough in most situations. However Hypaspists cost less gold and are around twice as good at defeating infantry as Toxotes are. Additionally, Hypaspists are able to effectively combat Destroyers and Huskarls, which have high pierce armor, making Toxotes very ineffective against them. If an opponent is building a large infantry force, it can be worth training Hypaspists in large numbers. Furthermore, Zeus' Hypaspists do reasonable damage to buildings.


Alexander's great army of conquest included three regiments of Hypaspists. These were apparently the best of his peasant infantry and of equal status and ability to his Foot Companions, most of noble blood. The Hypaspists were capable of fighting as traditional Hoplite infantry, or could switch to javelins and lighter armor for rapid movement in rough terrain. They were used to rapidly close with the enemy and distract them, allowing the Companion cavalry to hit the enemy from a side or the rear.
—In-game History Section


  • Historically, Hypaspists were armed in a similar manner to Hoplites, and only used swords when their spears broke. The in-game Hypaspists could be based on another infantry unit developed during the Peloponnesian War, the Ekdromoi. Armed with sword and shield, their job was to try and break apart the enemy phalanx. They also wore lighter armor to make them more mobile than a hoplite.


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