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The Hyena is a huntable animal in Age of Mythology, and a Treasure Guardian in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition - The African Royals.

Age of Mythology[]

The Hyena is a huntable animal in Age of Mythology, but it's also a predator that will attack any villagers on sight. They are weaker than lions, but provide just as much food, so they make better prey.

The Hyena of Set is a weak fighter that can be trained by Pharaohs worshipping Set. It's cheap and weak, and available early. Like the other Animals of Set, it only costs favor, meaning you can save your other resources for upgrades or stronger units.


Scientific name -- Crocuta crocuta
Size -- 90-190 lbs.
Diet -- virtually any animal, including large herbivores, carrion and even other hyenas

There are four species of hyenas, though the spotted hyena is the best known. Although they have a reputation as cowardly scavengers, lions steal kills from hyenas more often than the reverse. Hyenas and lions seem to be natural enemies and will fight and kill each other even when there is no food at stake.

Hyenas superficially resemble dogs, but are more closely related to cats and mongooses. Hyena societies are dominated by females, which is unusual in mammals, and female hyenas have such high levels of aggression-causing male hormones that it actually interferes with giving birth. Even hyena cubs are highly aggressive and sisters may actually kill each other. Hyenas are born with their eyes open and teeth fully functional.

Hyenas live in clans of up to forty individuals. They usually chase down their prey like wolves and rarely hunt from ambush as do lions. The strength of hyena jaws is legendary as they crush and eat most of the bone from their kills.
—In-game help section

Age of Empires III[]