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This article is about the building in Age of Empires II HD: The African Kingdoms and Age of Empires: Return of Rome. For the building in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition - The African Royals, see Hut (Age of Empires III).

The Hut is a building in Age of Empires II and in Return of Rome. They cannot be constructed but appear in campaigns and scenarios.

ReturnRome-AoEIcon Age of Empires[]

Huts were imported from Age of Empires II to the Age of Empires mode in Return of Rome. They provide 5 population space each, one more than a House, and are far more durable. They are not constructible in normal gameplay, but can be found in campaigns and the Scenario Editor.

Campaign appearances[]

RoR Sargon of Akkad Sargon of Akkad
  • The Land of Kings: The Elamite navy has some Huts alongside their Docks. There are also Huts in the outskirts of Akkad.
  • Subartu: Some Yurts and Huts are present in the Sutean camp.
RoR Trajan Trajan
RoR Pyrrhus of Epirus Pyrrhus of Epirus
  • Pyrrhic Victories: All minor Greek settlements across Magna Graecia contains Huts.
  • Savior of the Greeks: Pyrrhus' camp and the local Sicilian settlements contain Huts.
  • Sisyphus: Huts are present in some of the ruins of local Greek villages in Magna Graecia, including some under the control of the Roman army in the northwest and east.

AoE2-DLCicon-0 Age of Empires II[]

Like Houses, Huts provide five population. Huts appear in campaign scenarios and are available in the Scenario Editor.

Some technology upgrades apply to Huts, as they serve the same function as Houses.

Campaign appearances[]

CampaignIcon-FranciscoDE Francisco de Almeida
  • Ruins of Empires: The player, Bantu and Swahili Villages have huts under their control.
CampaignIcon-SundjataDE Sundjata
  • Hunted: Both the Sosso camp and the town of Kangaba contain Huts. There are also Huts on the outskirts of Niani.
  • The Sting of the Scorpion: Every settlement aside from the Labe camp contains Huts.
  • Djeriba Gold: The two Malian raider camps, several outlying Djenne Villages and the northern camp of the Sosso Traders, contain Huts. There are also some Huts outside Djenne's eastern walls.
  • Blood on the River Bank: The starting Malian camp, Mema town and Sumanguru's largest base contain Huts.
  • The Lion's Den: There are a few Huts in Koumbi Saleh and several more outside of it in the northwestern area of the map. Two more Huts are located on the northern island.
CampaignIcon-YoditDE Yodit
  • Path of Exile: The Camp in the Forest is filled with Huts.
  • A Fallen Crown: Several of the Aksumite Empire's outlying villages contain Huts.
  • Broken Stelae: The city of Massawa contains a couple Huts. There are also numerous Huts around the map, under the control of the local Tribes, as well as several Huts around northwestern, western and eastern Stelae.
  • Welcome Home: Both starting camps, and the southeastern and western Local villages contain Huts. There are also some Huts in the city of Aksum.
CampaignIcon-Pachacuti Pachacuti
  • War of Brothers: There are allied and enemy Huts in camps scattered across the map.
CampaignIcon-Tamerlane Tamerlane
Babur Icon Babur
Rajendra Icon Rajendra
  • The Successor: Local Villages have Huts within them. One more Hut is located by the river near Kerala.
  • Deeds of the Father: The eastern two local villages and the Ruhuna base in the south have some Huts in them.
  • Rising Star: There are Huts in the Khmer base. There are also some Huts in the northwest, by the Chalukyan farms.
  • Sacred Waters: Local villages are composed of Huts. There are some Huts on the outskirts of Vengi and Kalinga. The local bandits also have a camp with Huts.
  • Slaying the Vritra: A northern local village contains Huts. There is also a Hut on the island north of the main Srivijaya city. There is also a Hut in the southern corner, next to a Bandit and a Villager.
Thoros Icon Thoros II
VictorsAndVanquished Campaign Icon Victors and Vanquished
  • Scn 32 stephen Stephen: There are many Huts in the bases of High King Turlough and King Owain ap Gruffudd.
  • Scn 39 drake Drake: Maroons have three Huts in their base on the island in the north.
  • Scn 26 finehair Finehair: Huts are present in the starting base of the player. One of them is renamed Harald's Hall. The Southern Jarls and the Western Sea Kings have several Huts on the coastline.
  • Scn 25 ironside Ironside: The player has a hut on the eastern edge of the map.
  • Scn 30 karlsefni Karlsefni: All players have Huts in this scenario.
  • Scn 34 mstislav Mstislav: Other Factions have several Huts in some of their bases.
  • Scn 28 otto Otto: The Magyars have several Huts in their base.
  • Scn 24 ragnar Ragnar: The player starts with a few Huts in the starting location. The Gaels and Britons, Vikings, and Tribal people have several Huts in their camps.
  • Scn 37 shimazu Shimazu: Minor Clans and Pirates have Huts in their southern base and eastern corner of the map. The Koreans also have several Huts on their island.


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