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Bohemian unique siege unit. Units behind it receive 50% less damage from incoming projectiles.
—In-game description

The Hussite Wagon is the first unique unit of the Bohemians in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition - Dawn of the Dukes. It is a gunpowder siege unit with high hit points and pierce armor, and the ability to protect units behind them by halving the damage dealt by enemy projectiles passing through the Hussite Wagon.

Hussite Wagons can be upgraded to Elite Hussite Wagons in the Imperial Age.


Like all other unique gunpowder units, Hussite Wagons do not require Chemistry in order to be trained. As a siege unit, Hussite Wagon must be repaired by Villagers in order to get healed and can only be converted after Redemption is researched.

Enemy projectiles, including arrows, gunpowder, melee and siege unit projectiles and excluding Steppe Lancers and Kamayuks ranged melee attacks, which pass through the wide and tall Hussite Wagon collision box and hit other units behind it will only result in half the usual damage after armor calculations, and the Hussite Wagon itself receives 1 damage per each passing-through projectile which is inflicted after the target received damage Attack ground projectiles ignore this ability, and if there are several Hussite Wagons on the projectiles' path, only the first one to be passed by the projectile will receive 1 damage. Projectiles set to miss their intended target will instead deal halved damaged to the Hussite Wagon (halved after the latter's armor is taken into account, full for (Elite) Arambai) if passing through its hitbox. The ability works if the target is a building; however, it is impractical against Bombard Cannons (as they still deal full damage) and Trebuchets due to the high arc of their projectiles and their shots landing at the top of buildings (higher than the Hussite Wagon's collision box).

The Hussite Wagon releases a powerful primary projectile (17 / 20 pierce damage for non-Elite / Elite) followed by three extra projectiles identical to the Organ Gun's extra projectiles (2 uncounterable damage per hit). The unit is fairly accurate with 85% / 90% accuracy and a low attack dispersion for missed shots. With each attack, the projectiles are released in 2–4 volleys at random. As with Chu Ko Nu, each volley is offset by the attack delay (c. 0.93 seconds of game time), significantly reducing the realistic rate of fire of the Hussite Wagon. As with Chu Ko Nu, if any order is issued during the volley but after the main projectile was released, on the next attack of the Hussite Wagon will release the remaining extra projectiles before proceeding to the next attack (with a reload time before the latter).

On top of having the siege armor class, Hussite Wagons also have their own unique armor class which causes them to receive additional damage from the Mangonel line and Bombard Cannon line equal to the melee damage of those units (thus receiving melee, anti-siege and anti-Hussite Wagon damage combined from those units). Other units with anti-siege bonus damage (such as Rams, Eagle Warriors, Magyar Huszars, and Mangudai) do not have additional bonus damage vs the Hussite Wagon armor class on top of their anti-siege bonus.


The Hussite Wagon can be seen as a "mobile wall" due to its protection effect. When selecting a mixed group of units that includes them and placing them in a formation, the Hussite Wagons will always be placed in front of other ranged units, but behind melee units; this, of course, is done for facilitating its use. Because of this quirk alone, this unit is a great pairing for Bohemian ranged units, as it serves as protection from ranged attacks. In this regard, the Box formation may be the most useful when using Hussite Wagons paired with ranged units. Of course, the player must have a good number of them in order to cover all possible gaps in the box, and also mix both ranged siege units (such as Houfnices) and archers or Hand Cannoneers due to how the Box formation works, and maybe in some cases Monks, which will be at the center of the box. Another way which requires more micromanagement is to make the Hussite Wagons use the box Formation while archers and siege units use the line formation (which is more compact, so the player can protect more units with Hussite Wagons) and try to maintain the archers or siege units at the center of the Hussite Wagon box. Another thing that also makes the unit good in its "mobile wall" role is its collision size, which enables this unit to block spaces.

Further statistics[]

Unit strengths and weaknesses
Strong vs. Infantry units, Archer units
Weak vs. Mangonel-line and Bombard Cannon-line, Knight-line, Throwing Axemen, Huskarls, Magyar Huszars, Samurai, Condottieri, Mangudai
Range SiegeEngineersDE.png Siege Engineers (+1)
Speed UniqueTechCastle-DE.png Wagenburg Tactics (+15%)
Conversion defense FaithDE.png Faith
HeresyDE.png Heresy
Creation speed ConscriptionDE.png Conscription (+33%)
CastleAgeUnique.png Kasbah (+25%, with a Berber ally only)
Upgrades Elite-unique-research.jpg Elite Hussite Wagon

Team bonuses[]


Dawn of the Dukes[]

  • Initially, full damage was inflicted by Mangonel and Bombard Cannon-line projectiles that pass through the Hussite Wagons and the ability of halving the damage is not triggered if the Hussite Wagon is within the blast range of the projectile. Units such as the Scorpion ignore this ability and deal their pass-through damage as usual. The Burgundian Bombard Cannon does not have additional bonus damage against the Hussite Wagon armor class.
  • With update 56005, Hussite Wagons correctly reduce damage of area-of-effect attacks (blast damage) and Scorpion attacks. Speed is reduced from 0.85 to 0.8. The Burgundian Bombard Cannon's attack bonus correctly increases the damage dealt against Hussite Wagons. Hussite Wagons have a new projectile graphic to differentiate them better from Mangonel projectiles.

Dynasties of India[]

  • With update 61321, Hussite Wagons are now resistant to armor-ignoring attacks similarly to buildings.


A medieval European war wagon was developed in the Hussite Wars around 1420 by Hussite forces rebelling in Bohemia. It was a heavy wagon given protective sides with firing slits and heavy firepower from either a cannon or a force of hand-gunners, archers and crossbowmen, supported by infantry using spears, pikes and flails. Groups of them could form defensive works, but they also were used as hardpoints for formations or as firepower in pincer movements. This early use of gunpowder and innovative tactics helped a largely peasant infantry stave off attacks by the Holy Roman Empire's larger forces of mounted knights.

After the Hussite Wars, they stayed in usage as the special tactical weapon of Bohemian mercenaries which prevailed against knights or foot soldiers.


  • They appear as the War Wagon in Age of Empires III, replacing the Dragoon for the Germans.
  • Along with the Ballista Elephant, the Hussite Wagon is the only ranged siege unit who has no minimum range.
  • Along with the Organ Gun, the Hussite Wagon is the only Castle unique unit who cannot be healed by a Monk.
  • The Hussite Wagon is the only ranged unit whose projectiles have different sizes. Their main projectile is about as large as an Onager's individual projectile, while their additional projectiles are about as large as a Hand Cannoneer's.
  • Unlike the Mangonel-line or Organ Guns, which have a "Siege" unit class, the Hussite Wagon has a unit class "Ballista" (akin to Scorpion-line). Siege unit class can release all the extra projectiles in one volley while ballista units may release only 1–2 projectiles per volley, with the next volley separated with a fire delay.
    • AI units are programmed to dodge projectiles of "Siege" units like Mangonels and Bombard Cannons, but they will not dodge attacks of "Ballista" units like Scorpions and Hussite Wagons.





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