This article is about the campaign scenario in Age of Empires. For the food gathering method, see Hunt.

Hunting is the first scenario of the Ascent of Egypt Learning Campaign, and introduces the player to the basic components on optimizing strategic game play in Age of Empires.

The scenario is designed to teach players how to hunt and build in the game.

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"Hunting, 8000 BC

The Ice Age has passed; plants and wildlife are plentiful thanks to the improved climate. Although the technology of your tribe is still primitive, your hunting skills are excellent. Establish a small village on this Nile Delta island and grow your tribe to seven people.

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  • Player(Egyptians): The player starts with a Town Center and a Villager in the center of the island.


This campaign is pretty straightforward, since no enemies and threats are present. The only thing the player should look out for are Alligators lurking around near the coastal areas of the Map. Since the player must create 6 Villagers (the scenario starts with one already available), 300 food is required to accomplish the objective, along with 30 wood to build a House to support enough Population to sustain that amount of Villagers. Collect the required resources, build or train these units and the scenario will be complete.

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Historical NotesEdit

"The Nile Valley has been inhabited by humans for perhaps millions of years due to the mild climate, the presence of fresh water, and its proximity to southern Africa, where the first human ancestors evolved. Water is necessary for all life, making the river valley a good place to find useful plants and animals. The delta area of the river is especially bountiful. It is not hard to imagine Stone Age peoples making a comfortable life, by the standard of the time, along the Nile. By 8,000 years ago, the ice was gone and the climate was comparable to what we encounter today. Stone Age hunters would have shared the Nile Valley with a variety wildlife that could be hunted for food. By this time, our ancestors had domesticated the dog and were using spear throwers (atlatls) and primitive bows."

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Historical Outcome Edit

"Hunting was good along the Nile and the inhabitants of the region lived well. As a result, population densities increased and the people prospered. The tiny Egyptian tribe passed its first hurdle on the long road to building a mighty empire."

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