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Hunt for a Killer is the first scenario of the Learn to Play tutorial campaign in Age of Mythology. Arkantos travels to a far-away island in order to slay a Cyclops.

This tutorial teaches the player how to select and move units, and how to attack enemies.


  1. Select Arkantos. (Left-click on Arkantos to select him.)
  2. Right-click on the blue flag to move along the path. (Using your mouse, move the cursor near the closest blue flag and right-click near it.)
  3. Continue along the path to the next flag. (Using your mouse, place the cursor near the next blue flag and right-click on the ground near it. Remember, to scroll the view, move the mouse to the edge of the screen.)
  4. Group-select Arkantos and the other hunters. (Using your mouse, put the cursor slightly above and to the left of the group, then, holding the left mouse button, move the cursor slowly down and to the right to make a selection box around the group of men.)
  5. Continue along the path to the next flag. (Right-click with all your units selected to move them in a group.)
  6. Move your men forward through the black area. (With your men selected, right-click in or beyond the black area.)
  7. Continue along the path to the next flag. (Remember, left-click to select units and right-click to move them.)
  8. Seek out the Cyclops. (Follow the path and you should find the Cyclops.)
  9. Slay the Cyclops. (With your soldiers selected, right-click on the Cyclops to attack.)



  • Arkantos (ZeusPortrait Zeus): The player starts with Arkantos and eventually gains more troops as he follows the trail of the Cyclops.



  • Cyclops (ZeusPortrait Zeus): Consists of a single Cyclops, and must be defeated to win the scenario.


The player starts out in the Archaic Age, with Zeus as the major god. Arkantos is alone on a beach, but when the player selects and moves him along the path, he is soon joined by a Hoplite, a Toxotes, and a Hypaspist.

By following the path, Arkantos soon locates the enemy Cyclops, which must be defeated. The player can send in Arkantos first, to try to ensure that the Cyclops attacks him instead of the human soldiers, but either way, the fight will be short and easy.


  • Originally, Arkantos and his men were to kill a Fenris Wolf Brood instead of a Cyclops.
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