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This article is about the character in Age of Empires III. For the character in Age of Empires II: The African Kingdoms, see Huayna Capac (Age of Empires II).

Huayna Capac (1468 - 1524) is the AI personality of the Incas in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition. He is voiced by Jason Rodriguez Hightower.

AI behavior[]

Huayna Capac has a calm and measured demeanor. He frequently refers to himself in the third person in conversation (Illeism) instead of first person as is the social norm. He seems to believe in sacrifices, similar to Cuauhtemoc.

He is the strongest Native American AI in the Definitive Edition on average. In the early game, Huayna Capac is weak, as he often relies on only one War Hut, which limits his military production and leaves his base vulnerable to enemy attacks. However, he improves greatly once he hits the Fortress/Industrial Ages when he expands to multiple production buildings, including Strongholds, and attempts to overwhelm the enemy with vast hordes of infantry. Huayna Capac will utilise all units available to the Incas, but is particularly fond of Chimu Runners, Jungle Bowmen, Plumed Spearmen, and Bolas Warriors. Macemen and Huaracas are produced in lesser quantities.


As an ally[]

As an enemy[]

  • Player repeats same map from last time - "Huayna Capac sees that you have fallen in love with this corner of the Inca Empire."
  • Huayna Capac collects a coin related treasure - "Inti shows us where all of the treasures are!" or "Even Mother Earth pays tribute to the Inca."
  • Player collects the first treasure - "Huayna Capac sees that you have gathered the first treasure. Do not let that get to your head."
  • Player collects a treasure - "Treasures alone will not let you catch up with the mighty Inca."
  • Player collects a food related treasure - "May that food keep you alive a little longer. It cannot compare to the contents of Huayna Capac's granaries."
  • Player is last to advance to second age - "Huayna Capac sees that you can finally train an army. He has been waiting all day for someone to actually put up a fight!"
  • Huayna Capac builds Trade Post - "This trading site belongs to Huayna Capac, as do all others."
  • Spots player's explorer - "Another tourist? Machu Picchu is closed today."
  • Player sends a small force into enemy territory - "Are you sending your people to negotiate your surrender? Then where are the gifts for Huayna Capac?"
  • Surrender - "Your power is overwhelming. Huayna Capac surrenders for the good of his people." or "My empire is suffering. Huayna Capac has no choice but to concede."



Titu Cusi Huallpa (1468-1524, r. 1493-1524), the third Sapa Inca of the Inca Empire, was born in Cuzco to the militaristic Topa Inca Yupanqui. As a youth he experienced the dangers of court intrigue, narrowly surviving a usurpation plot spearheaded by his own tutor. As a ruler, he inherited his father’s bellicose nature, mounting ambitious and thoroughly successful campaigns to expand the Inca Empire to both the north and south. These resulted in the subjugation of vast territories in modern-day Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Ecuador. Titu Cusi Huallpa was soon dubbed Huayna Capac, “The Mighty Youth”.

Huayna Capac was as capable an administrator as he was a military leader: vast building and public works projects resulted in the development of a luxurious secondary capital in Quito, the founding of several cities, the construction of astronomical observatories, and improvements to the Inca agricultural system. Several massive grain silos were erected to store the burgeoning empire’s agricultural surpluses, while imposing fortresses secured Huayna Capac’s gains. As a result of his expansionist militarism and shrewd, successful administration, his subjects addressed him with two epithets that translate roughly to “Sole Ruler” and “Hearer of All People”.

Among Huayna Capac’s other achievements was the expansion of the already sophisticated Inca road network, which was critical to the economic and military vitality of his vast empire. Immense temples rose from stone, allowing the Inca people closer access to the divine. Also notable among his administrative reforms was the establishment of the qollqa system, a series of emergency supply stations that could provide the surrounding inhabitants with food in the case of famine or shortages. His motives were personal as well as benevolent; within his vast harem he fathered hundreds of children needing to be fed. Huayna Capac perished from an epidemic in 1524, leaving the Inca Empire at its zenith. His eldest son would die from the same illness, however, sparking a succession crisis that tore the massive empire apart.

In Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition, Huayna Capac is as shrewd and dynamic a ruler as he was in life. He prefers a balance between economy and military, and is especially keen on quickly establishing Tambos on Native settlements and Trade Routes to speed his expansion.


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