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The House is a civilian building in Age of Empires that provides the player with four additional population to create more units. These structures can be built once the game begins but can only be built by Villagers and requires 30 wood to construct.


The hit points can be increased up to 90 when the player researches Architecture from Government Center which is the only upgrade available for the house. The build time also decreases from around 10 seconds to a little more than 7 seconds.

Civilization bonuses


Shelter increased in importance when  humans expanded their range farther away from the equator in the wake of  the receding ice sheets and into climates of wide seasonal variation.  Growing human populations quickly occupied the few natural shelters available in these areas.  The provision of man- made shelter made existence in challenging and variable climates possible.  Without houses, year- round populations could not have increased beyond minimums.Age of Empires manual

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