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This article is about the god in Age of Mythology. For the god in Age of Empires: Mythologies, see Horus (Age of Empires: Mythologies).

You have advanced to the Mythic Age through the Vindication of Horus.
—Age up text in Age of Mythology

Horus is a falcon-headed Mythic Age Egyptian minor god in Age of Mythology. He is available to worshipers of Ra and Set.


God power[]

  • TornadoIcon Tornado: Creates a cyclone that moves randomly, causing devastation to a large area. Can often weaken or at destroy enemy towns.


Myth unit[]

  • AvengerIcon Avenger: A powerful melee unit that can launch a whirlwind attack on multiple units at a time.

Technology tree[]

God power
Axe of Vengeance
Spears on the Horizon
Greatest of Fifty


Horus' improvements exclusively benefit the damage done by infantry, making them a more viable option for a late-game army. He greatly improves Spearmen in particular, so it is also viable to worship him when facing an opponent focusing on cavalry. His god power is equally devastating to units and buildings. It can be used to soften up an enemy before going in to finish off their units, with the help of the mighty Avengers and improved Spearmen, and his buildings using his demolition Axemen.


The mystical son of Isis and Osiris, he was raised in secrecy in the Nile swamps to avoid being discovered by Set, who had killed his father, Osiris. When he reached adulthood he sought to avenge his father and kill Set. After a lengthy contest in which he lost an eye, he triumphed and his reward was the rule of Egypt. He gave the lost eye to Osiris and wore instead a serpent on his head to replace it. All pharaohs thereafter wore this serpent as a symbol of authority and their ability to see and know all.

"Horus, strong Bull, steady at heart as the son of Nut, victorious king! / He sets up all his borders at each place according to his desire. / He spends the time of ploughing in Egypt. / He brought to its knees the land of the people of Retenue / when he felled their trees / and destroyed their cities ..."

-- rock stela by Qasr Ibrim on the banks of the Nile


  • Horus has 3 different units based on him in the game: the Avenger myth unit, the Son of Osiris hero, and the Egyptian Titan.


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