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This article is about the unit in Age of Mythology. For the unit in Age of Empires, see Hoplite (Age of Empires).

The Hoplite is a Greek infantry unit trained at the Military Academy from the Classical Age in Age of Mythology. Hoplites are the standard infantry for the Greeks and usually form the backbone of their army.

Like other basic infantry units, Hoplites are a soft counter against cavalry and as such supposed to be cost-effective against most cavalry units. Heavier cavalry such as War Elephants and Jarls require hard counter units to be cost-effectively defeated.

Attack bonus[]

Strengths and Weaknesses[]

Strong against
Weak against

God Bonuses and Upgrades[]



Zeus increases movement speed by 12%.

Zeus also makes infantry do double damage to buildings.


Hoplites are best used to counter cavalry units. However, in a skirmish, most cavalry units will simply be able to run away from them. Hoplites are quite versatile as they can defeat most other infantry units. However, like all infantry they are vulnerable to counter-infantry and archers (except for Turmas).

Hoplites are well armored, and, of the four standard infantry units, they have the most hit points - far more than the Spearman and Ulfsark. However, they are also the most expensive, slowest, and have the longest training time. This makes rushing with them more difficult, except for Zeus players, whose Hoplites move faster and do extra damage to buildings.


Age of Mythology[]

The Titans[]


The predominate Greek soldier of antiquity was the Hoplite, named after the great round shield he carried into battle. Hoplites wore helmets, leg armor, and chest armor, and carried a great long spear. They fought in dense columns with the spear points from several ranks projecting out from the formation. They thus presented a formidable block bristling with spears held above the shoulder. In battle they would close with the enemy as a pushing wall of shields, stabbing with their spears over the shields. Men behind would push those in front and stab over them. This fighting was face-to-face and terrifying, requiring high skill and discipline. Battles were usually short but deadly. Before the rise of the Hoplite, most army fighting had been more long-range archery and posturing. The Greeks made war personal and intense, and Hoplites dominated ancient battlefields for centuries.


  • The Hoplite went through a few design changes throughout the development. Originally, they would wear linothorax armor in their Champion upgrade.
    • Hoplites were also to use square shields, inspired by the Mycenaeans tower shields, some months before release. However, Ensemble decided to revert back to them using Hoplon-type shields, most likely because they were more distinctive.


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