Sioux Deck

An example of Home City Cards: a Sioux Deck

A Home City Card provides a bonus effect shipped from a Home City in Age of Empires III.

Overview Edit

Each Home City Card sends units to the colony or resource crates or provides upgrades to a player's units, economy or buildings. There are five categories of Home City Cards, with up to twenty cards allowed in a deck in Age of Empires III, and up to 25 (an additional one per ten Home City levels) allowed in a deck in the expansions.

Each Age can hold ten cards in skirmishes and in supremacy as of the latest patch while the single player campaign only allows nine cards per row.

Cost reduction stacking Edit

Cards or minor native upgrades that reduce unit, building, or upgrade costs only stack additively if sent and/or purchased from highest value to lowest. If the order is out of sequence, the bonuses stack multiplicatively and grant diminishing returns.

E.g; Land Grab (-40% cost reduction), Advanced Plantation (-31% cost reduction), and Cree Textile Craftsmanship (-25% cost reduction). The Plantation has a usual cost of 800 Wood, stacking the -40% first, then the -31%, and finally the -25% results in the full -96% cost reduction (32 Wood). However, stacking the -31% first, then the 25%, and finally the -40% results in -68.95% (248.4 Wood).

Drop points Edit

When units or crates are send, they arrive at the shipment drop point, which is by default the players starting Town Center, but can be chosen by the player out of a variety of buildings, including Town Centers, Forts and Outposts.

Also, a unit can act as drop points, namely the Shogun, a very powerful cavalry unit available to the Japanese, as a Home City shipment. On water maps, there is an additional drop point for sea units, which can be freely moved around the water on the map.

Types of shipments Edit

There are many different types of Home City Cards, that can be classified according to the effect of the shipment and according to how many times it can be shipped.

Effects Edit

  • Unit shipments (ships a number of land or naval units)
  • Technology shipments (provides unique technologies that can be researched at a building, such as the Church)
  • Upgrade shipments (upgrades stats of specific units or buildings)
  • Resource shipments (provides an amount resources, usually as crates, that can be collected by Villagers)
  • TEAM shipments (provides an effect to all allies in a team, not unlike a team bonus)

Times of shipment Edit

  • Only once (the majority of Home City Cards)
  • Once with cost in coin (this category mostly includes Mercenary or native unit cards)
  • Twice (these are available only to the Japanese)
  • Infinite times (very rare, these are usually available to high-level Home Cities, and include only units and resources)
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