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Hizir Reis, also known as Hayreddin Barbarossa, is a hero in the Historical Battles in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition.

In-game unit[]

Barbary Corsair, one of four brothers.
—In-game description

In-game dialogue[]

Uses the Ottoman Explorer's dialogue files.


The third of four brothers, Hizir was born in 1478 on the isle of Lesbos to an Ottoman Sipahi of Albanian origin. In his youth, he began privateering in the Aegean Sea and rescued his elder brother, Oruc, from captivity after the latter was imprisoned by the Knights of St. John. The brothers returned to the seas and made a career as corsairs raiding in the western Mediterranean. In 1516, Oruc and Hizir seized the city of Algiers from the Spanish crown and successfully defended it from reprisals before turning it over to the Ottoman Empire. After Oruc’s death in 1517, Hizir became the Pasha of Algiers and took the honorific title Hayreddin Barbarossa “best of the faith” and “red-bearded’. Further success against various European naval powers led Suleiman the Magnificent to appoint Hayreddin Barbarossa as Grand Admiral of the Ottoman navy and governor of North Africa, Rhodes, and the Aegean isles in 1532. He retired in 1545 and died peacefully a year later.