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The Hittites are a playable civilization in Age of Empires. They are an excellent offensive civilization on both land and water maps on all sizes. Their variety of bonuses in military combat makes them one of the best civilizations for beginners since they have almost all the technologies available for combat. Their only major deficiencies are at the Temple and Dock.

Features Edit

Changelog Edit

Original game Edit

Definitive Edition Edit

  • Catapults have +50% HP.
  • War ships (except Fire Galleys) have +3 range.
  • Centurion, Architecture, and Irrigation is not available.

AI player names Edit

Names shown in italics are only used in the original game, names shown in bold are used in both the original game and its expansions.

  • Mursuli - Mursili. Name of 3 kings of the Hittite Empire; Mursili I: King of the Hittites 1556-1526 BC
  • Suppiluliuma- King of the Hittites c. 1344-1322 BC (Suppiluliama I); 1207-1178 BC (II)
  • Mursuli II - Mursili II, king of the Hittites 1321-1295 BC
  • Suppiluliuma III - Did not exist in the Hittite Empire
  • Mursuli III - Mursili III, king of the Hittites 1272-1265 BC
  • Suppiluliuma V - Did not exist in the Hittite Empire
  • Mursuli IV - Did not exist in the Hittite Empire
  • Ullukummis - Ullikummi(s); Stone monster in Hurrian mythology, son of Kumarbi
  • Hattushilish -King of the Hittites 1586-1556 BC (Ḫattušili I); early 14th century BC (II); 1267-1237 BC (III)
  • Tudhalyas - King of the Hittites c. 1430-1400 BC (Tudhaliya I); 1380s BC (II); c. 1358 BC (III); c. 1237 BC (IV)
  • Labarnas - First king of the Hittites c. 1600-1586 BC
  • Annitas - Hattian King of Kussara, 17th century BC, son of Pithana
  • Pitkhanas - Pithana(s). Hattian King of Kussara, 17th century BC
  • Kumarbis - Chief God of the Hurrians

History Edit

The Hittites are based on a powerful Iron Age civilization once located in Anatolia with their capital situated at Hattusa in the 18th century B.C. They spoke a language from a now extinct branch of the Indo-European language family. They were rivals of the nearby Egyptians, a conflict which culminated in the battle of Kadesh, one of the earliest well recorded battles in world history. Both sides made heavy use of chariots and advanced infantry tactics.

The Hittites were conquered by the Assyrian army led by King Shalmanesar some 700 years later.

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