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Historical maps are a map type introduced in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition - Knights of the Mediterranean that features special objectives and mechanics. These are set up with special optional conditions (for example, limited maximum Age, which civilizations can be played, the starting resource amounts etc.).

They can be played only in single-player or multiplayer casual mode.

Avaliable Maps[]

  • The Thirty Years' War (multiplayer only)
  • The Italian Wars: A large river separates four influential Italian City-States which must be captured and held.
  • Eighty Years' War: One player must hold off all others on a fortified peninsula.
  • The Deluge: Steppes and temperate woodlands are separated by a single trade route. The southern team must defend against early cavalry aggression.
  • Great Turkish War: One team must defend their great city, while the other attacks. The city is surrounded by woodland and natural resources.
  • Great Northern War: A frozen coast with thick forests and two trade routes on the water. Abandoned resources crates can occasionally be discovered inland.
  • Napoleonic Wars: Teams must train their armies quickly during a short period and fight all over the map to seize every strategic point.
  • Russo-Turkish Wars: Commanding smaller armies, players must capture trade sites, factories and fixed guns throughout the map.