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This article is about the game mode in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition. For other uses, see Historical Battles.

The Historical Battles in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition are a collection of twelve standalone scenarios, unrelated to either the Black family or the The Asian Dynasties campaigns, both of which are story mode campaigns. While the scenarios do not share an overarching story, they must be cleared in order to progress to the next scenario.

Since update 61213, all Historical Battles can be played in the cooperative mode with another player. For scenarios introduced in expansions, only the hosting player needs to own the corresponding expansion.


Note that some of these civilizations, are modified versions of already existing ones.

  1. Algiers (1516) (Barbary Pirates against Spanish)
  2. Christopher Da Gama's Expedition (1542) (Portuguese, with Ethiopian allies, against Somalians)
  3. Chuvash Cape (1582) (Russians against Tatars)
  4. Raid on the Caribbean (1586) (English against Spanish)
  5. Fort Duquesne (1754) (French against English)
  6. Battle of New Orleans (1815) (United States against English)

The expansion The African Royals adds three new scenarios.

  1. The Battle of the Three Kings (1578) (Moroccans against Portuguese)
  2. Fall of the Hausa (1804) (Hausa against Hausa)
  3. The Era of the Princes (1855) (Ethiopians against Ethiopians)

The Mexicans DLC adds another three scenarios.

  1. The Burning of USS Philadelphia (1804) (United States against Barbary Pirates)
  2. Grito de Dolores (Cry of Dolores in Spanish) (1810) (Mexicans against Spanish)
  3. Battle of Queenston Heights (1812) (Canadians against United States)

The Burning of USS Philadelphia is available for owners of the United States DLC, Grito de Dolores is available for owners of the Mexicans DLC, and Battle of Queenston Heights is available for owners of both DLCs.