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This article is about the game mode in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition. For other uses, see Historical Battles.
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The Historical Battles in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition are a series of sixteen unrelated scenarios linked to the Africa campaign page (although none take place in Africa).

These scenarios are a combination of those belonging to the Battles of the Conquerors and the Battles of the Forgotten in previous versions of the game, with some scenarios having been reworked. Langshan Jiang is replaced with the similar Lake Poyang.

Since update 50292, Tours, Hastings, Honfoglalas, Kurikara, and Bapheus are available for the Cooperative mode.


Note that, unlike with most campaigns in Age of Empires II, the scenarios in this campaign are all unlocked for play.

  1. Scn 09 bukhara normal.png Bukhara (557) (Persians, Yellow) depicts the Battle of Bukhara.
  2. Scn 10 dos pilas normal.png Dos Pilas (648) (Mayans, Cyan) depicts Calakmul's attack on the town of Dos Pilas in the Second Tikal–Calakmul War.
  3. Scn 01 tours normal.png Tours (732) (Franks, Red) depicts the Battle of Tours.
  4. Scn 11 york normal.png York (865) (Vikings, Red) depicts the raid of Britain by the Great Heathen Army, led by the sons of Ragnar Lodbrok.
  5. Scn 12 honfoglalas normal.png Honfoglalás (895) (Magyars, Cyan) depicts the Hungarian conquest of the Carpathian Basin.
  6. Scn 02 vinlandsaga normal.png Vinlandsaga (1000) (Vikings, Red) depicts the Vinland sagas.
  7. Scn 03 hastings normal.png Hastings (1066) (Franks, Blue) depicts the Battle of Hastings.
  8. Scn 04 manzikert normal.png Manzikert (1071) (Turks, Purple) depicts the Battle of Manzikert.
  9. Scn 13 kurikara normal.png Kurikara (1183) (Japanese, Blue) depicts the Battle of Kurikara.
  10. Scn 14 cyprus normal.png Cyprus (1191) (Britons, Red) depicts Richard the Lionheart's invasion of Cyprus during the Third Crusade.
  11. Scn 15 bapheus normal.png Bapheus (1302) (Turks, Red) depicts the Battle of Bapheus.
  12. Scn 16 lake poyang normal.png Lake Poyang (1363) (Chinese, Blue) depicts the Battle of Lake Poyang.
  13. Scn 05 agincourt normal.png Agincourt (1415) (Britons, Red) depicts the Battle of Agincourt.
  14. Scn 06 lepanto normal.png Lepanto (1571) (Spanish, Red) depicts the Battle of Lepanto.
  15. Scn 07 kyoto normal.png Kyoto (1582) (Japanese, Cyan) depicts the Battle of Yamazaki.
  16. Scn 08 noryang point normal.png Noryang Point (1598) (Koreans, Red) depicts the Battle of Noryang.