His Own Man is the second scenario of the Sforza campaign in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition.

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  • Main objective: Destroy Piccinino's military buildings.
  • Secondary objectives: Bring the Relic to Monasteries to capture cities.

Hints Edit

  1. You are restricted to a population limit of 200.
  2. You cannot construct buildings, but will receive resources and advance in ages as you conquer enemy cities.
  3. Garrisoning the Relic in the Monasteries of Pesaro, Rimini and Ravenna will give you control of those cities.
  4. Be careful with your Monk. You cannot afford to lose him before you reach the Castle Age.
  5. There are often less costly ways to break into a city than tearing down its gate.
  6. The wars have produced a glut of unemployed mercenaries waiting to be hired in the villages of the south and along the coast. The young captain Sigismondo Malatesta is among them.

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Player Edit

The player has control of the city of Ancona at the south-east of the map.

Allies Edit

  • The Romagnol (Italians) - Not an active player. Represent the Italian village of the region.

Neutral → Allies Edit

  • Pesaro (Italians) - The first city, just north of the player's starting position.
  • Rimini (Italians) - The second city, more defended than Pesaro, and with sea defence.
  • Ravenna (Italians) - The third city, defended by an army of Paladins.

Enemy Edit

  • Piccinino (Italians) - The main enemy. Have different camps across the map, and a well defended city in the west of the map.

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