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Hippolyta is the Classical Age archer hero for Poseidon in Age of Mythology.



Relic bonuses[]


Hippolyta is decent against human units but is best used against myth units. She has a 7x damage multiplier against myth units, making her very effective against them as are all heroes. Players should use her as ranged support for the melee units in their armies.

Due to a bug, she can be killed by a Mummy's special attack in The Titans.


Aom original icon Age of Mythology[]

  • Hippolyta has 240 hit points.
  • Hippolyta does ×7 damage to Nidhogg.
  • Hippolyta's attack animation takes 2 seconds.

AoM The Titans icon The Titans[]

AoM Extended icon Extended Edition[]

  • With patch 1.9, Hippolyta is no longer affected by Mummy, Cyclops, and Minotaur special attacks.

AoM Extended icon Tale of the Dragon[]

  • Hippolyta has 280 hit points.
  • With patch 2.7, Hippolyta does ×7 damage to Nidhogg.
  • With patch 2.8, Hippolyta's attack animation takes 1.75 seconds.


Age -- 41
Homeland -- land of the Amazons
Occupation -- queen

A queen of the Amazons, a tribe of warrior women descended from Ares, Hippolyta was kidnapped by Theseus, triggering a war with Athens. Although Hippolyta bore a son to Theseus, he lost interest in her and she eventually returned to the lands of the Amazons. She then encountered Heracles, sent to retrieve the belt of Ares from her as one of his twelve quests. She gave the belt to him willingly, but this angered the goddess Hera. Disguised as an Amazon she incited the women to attack Heracles, who killed Hippolyta in his haste to exit their dangerous land.
—In-game help section


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