Hippocrates (known as the Physician before patch 2.8) is a Greek Hero and healer in Age of Mythology: Extended Edition. He was introduced in patch 2.0 and the Tale of the Dragon expansion as the Physician and was changed to Hippocrates in patch 2.8. The sole ability of the Physician is to heal units. The rate of healing is greatly lowered when the unit being healed is fighting. However, Hippocrates has the added ability to pick up Relics, due to being a Hero unit, but has a build limit of 1, like other Greek Heroes.

Special ability Edit

Heals allied units at a range of 14 and a rate of 7.5 HP per second when the unit is idle.

Upgrades Edit

Strategy Edit

Hippocrates is a welcome addition to Greek armies, especially for Poseidon players who have no other means of healing available. He also ensures a longer life for expensive, super-strong myth units, such as the Cyclops and Hydra.

History Edit

"Bloodshed on the battlefield is inevitable and being able to restore the health of one's units can have a great impact on the outcome. Physicians are Greek healing units that can be used during or after a battle to heal both the humans and mythological creatures, and patch up their wounds."
In-game description

Trivia Edit

  • Although Hippocrates is available to all three Greek major gods, he was mainly introduced to give Poseidon players a means of healing their units which they previously lacked altogether.
  • Hippocrates uses a modified set of Krios models with a different texture and head.

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