The Hippocampus is an Archaic Age aquatic scouting myth unit in Age of Mythology that is only available to worshipers of Poseidon. It appears as soon a Dock is built, though the player must also have a Temple. It has no abilities or attacks and functions only as a scout. If it is killed, a new Hippocampus will appear after 60 seconds at the player's starting Dock.

The Hippocampus has typically been depicted as having the front of a horse with coiling, scaly, fish-like hindquarters.

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Strategy Edit

The Hippocamus is, essentially, the aquatic equivalent of the Pegasus, which is available to all Greek players. Although it has low hit points, it is very fast - much faster than the Pegasus. It also has excellent pierce armor, meaning it can withstand ranged attacks for some time. The Hippocampus is also free and can be replaced for free, making it the best unit for exploring the waters.

Mythology Edit

Scientific name -- Hippocampus spp.
Size -- about 1800 lbs.
Diet -- brown and green seaweeds

Half-fish and half-horse with the tail of a serpent or dolphin, the Hippocampus pulled the chariot of Poseidon. It gave its name to the genus of seahorses and part of the human brain

Trivia Edit

  • The Hippocampus was originally going to be able to attack, but this ability was removed. The attack animation can still be found in the files.

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