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The Hippikon is the standard Greek cavalry unit. It becomes available in the Classical Age and is trained at the Stable.

Attack bonus[]

Strengths and Weaknesses[]

Strong against
Weak against

God Bonuses and Upgrades[]

Poseidon reduces food and gold cost by 10%.


First becoming available in the Classical Age, Hippikons have a small bonus against archers and are also capable of taking on some infantry. They form the backbone of Greek cavalry units due to their power. They are well armored and hit hard, making them formidable units. Compared to the Prodromos, Hippikons are more well rounded, have higher hit points and pierce armor, with their only disadvantage being their slower speed. However, they are not invincible. They are somewhat slow compared to other cavalry units, and as with all cavalry, they are weak against standard infantry. They are cheaper when worshiping Poseidon.


Age of Mythology[]

  • Originally, Hippikons took 15 seconds to train in all ages. With patch 1.02, they take 20 seconds in the Classical Age.


Greek cavalry other than the scouts or elite Hetairoi were called Hippikons. The classic Greeks had foregone cavalry in favor of armies consisting entirely of Hoplite infantry. After the rise of Macedonia, the use of other arms was evident. Hippikon cavalry and light troops were raised to support the Hoplite infantry.

Although the history file states that Greek (main-line) cavalry were called Hippikon, in reality the name used by the Ancient Greek was Hippeis, whom were the second highest of the social classes, and functioned similarly to medieval knights. The term Hippikon was used as a term either for horse racing or horse-based milestones.


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