This article is about the heroes in Age of Empires II. For heroes in other games of the series, see Hero.
Hero preview

Joan of Arc with a distinct glow.

Heroes are special units in Age of Empires II. Unavailable in regular games, heroes typically refer to historical figures. As such, they are often featured in campaign scenarios. There, they are often must-survive units, i.e. their death means instant defeat. With The Conquerors, all heroes are immune to conversion and gain the ability to regenerate hit points. Heroes often have unique icons and sometimes even unique unit designs, and usually have good combat stats, making them very valuable in-game.

In the Definitive Edition, heroes have a distinct, golden glow.

List of heroes Edit

The Age of Kings Edit

Hero Type Sprite Campaign appearances
Aethelfirthicon Aethelfirth Infantry Woad Raider Legionaries on the Horizon!
MonkIcon Archbishop Monk Monk none
Archersoftheeyesicon Archers of the Eyes Archer Arbalester The Siege of Jerusalem
The Lion and the Demon
The Emperor Sleeping
The Right Partner
Badneighboricon Bad Neighbor Siege weapon Trebuchet The Lion and the Demon
Belisariusicon Belisarius Cavalry Cataphract Legionaries on the Horizon!
Charlemagneicon Charlemagne Infantry Throwing Axeman The Saxon Revolt
Charlesmartelicon Charles Martel Infantry Throwing Axeman Tours
Constablerichemonticon Constable Richemont Cavalry unique A Perfect Martyr
Dukedalencon Duke D'Alençon Cavalry unique The Maid of Orleans
Elcidicon El Cid Infantry Champion Brother against Brother
The Exile of the Cid
Emperorinabarrelicon Emperor in a Barrel Civilian Trade Cart The Emperor Sleeping
Elcidicon Erik the Red Infantry Berserk Vindlandsaga
Constablerichemonticon Frankish Paladin Cavalry unique The Saxon Revolt
MonkIcon Friar Tuck Monk Monk none
Constablerichemonticon Gawain Cavalry Cavalier none
Genghiskhanicon Genghis Khan Cavalry archer Mangudai Crucible
Badneighboricon God's Own Sling Siege weapon Trebuchet The Lion and the Demon
Guyjosselyneicon Guy Josselyne Cavalry Paladin A Perfect Martyr
The Saxon Revolt
MonkIcon Harold Haardraade Monk Monk none
VBRSK Hrolf the Ganger Infantry Berserk none
Wolf-icon-aoe2 Hunting Wolf Animal Wolf The Horde Rides West
Pax Mongolia
The Great Ride
Jeanbureauicon Jean Bureau Siege weapon Bombard Cannon A Perfect Martyr
Jeandelorrain Jean de Lorrain Siege weapon Bombard Cannon The Siege of Paris
Joanofarcicon Joan of Arc Cavalry unique The Maid of Orleans
The Cleansing of the Loire
The Rising
The Siege of Paris
Joanthemaidicon Joan the Maid Infantry unique An Unlikely Messiah
ChampionIcon King Arthur Infantry Champion none
SMURI Kitabatake Infantry Samurai none
Kushlukicon Kushluk Cavalry Cavalier A Life of Revenge
Emperor of the West
The Sack of Rome
Lahire La Hire Infantry Champion The Cleansing of the Loire
A Perfect Martyr
PaladinIcon Lancelot Cavalry Paladin none
Lorddegravilleicon Lord de Graville Archer Arbalester The Siege of Paris
Masterofthetemplaricon Master of the Templar Cavalry unique The Siege of Jerusalem
Minamotoicon Minamoto Infantry Samurai Kurikara
PaladinIcon Mordred Cavalry Paladin none
Wolf hero1 Ornlu the Wolf Animal Wolf Crucible
La Noche Triste
The Triple Alliance
The Digvijaya
Reynalddechatillonicon Reynald de Chatillon Cavalry unique Lord of Arabia
The Horns of Hattin
Richardthelionhearticon Richard the Lionheart Cavalry Paladin The Lion and the Demon
The Emperor Sleeping
LongbowmanIcon Robin Hood Archer Longbowman none
KnightIcon Roland Cavalry Knight none
PetardIcon Saboteur Siege weapon Petard Pax Mongolia
Shahicon Shah King King The Horde Rides West
Sheriffofnottinghamicon Sheriff of Nottingham Infantry Long Swordsman The Elopement
ChampionIcon Siegfried Infantry Champion The Saxon Revolt
Sieurbertrand Sieur Bertrand Cavalry Knight An Unlikely Messiah
Tales of La Canela
Sieurdemetz Sieur de Metz Cavalry Knight An Unlikely Messiah
Sirjohnfastolf Sir John Fastolf Cavalry unique The Cleansing of the Loire
Subotaiicon Subotai Cavalry archer Heavy Cavalry Archer The Horde Rides West
The Promise
Pax Mongolia
Tamerlaneicon Tamerlane Cavalry archer Mangudai none
Constablerichemonticon The Black Prince Cavalry Cavalier none
Theodericthegothicon Theodoric the Goth Infantry Huskarl All Roads Lead to a Besieged City
Legionaries on the Horizon!
The Battle of Guadalete
Willi William Wallace Infantry Champion The Battle of Falkirk

The Conquerors Edit

Hero Type Sprite Campaign appearances
Admiral Yi Sun Shin Admiral Yi Sun-Shin Warship Turtle Ship Noryang Point
Hero 2 Icon Alexander Nevski Cavalry Cavalier none
Attila the Hun Attila the Hun Cavalry Cataphract The Scourge of God
The Fall of Rome
BledaIcon Bleda the Hun Cavalry Mangudai The Scourge of God
Elcidicon El Cid Campeador Cavalry unique Brother against Brother
The Enemy of my Enemy
Black Guards
King of Valencia
Elcidicon Harald Hardraade Infantry Berserk Hastings
Henryvicon Henry V Cavalry Paladin Agincourt
Imamicon Imam Monk unique The Enemy of my Enemy
Kingalfonsoicon King Alfonso King King Brother against Brother
Black Guards
Kingsanchoicon King Sancho King King Brother against Brother
Minamotoicon Nobunaga Infantry Samurai Kyoto
Popeleoicon Pope Leo I Monk Monk The Fall of Rome
LightCavalryIcon Scythian Scout Cavalry Light Cavalry Bukhara
Djeriba Gold
The Scourge of God
Scythianwildwomanicon Scythian Wild Woman Infantry unique The Great Ride
The White Elephant
Williamtheconqueroricon William the Conqueror Cavalry unique Hastings

The Forgotten Edit

Hero Type Sprite Campaign appearances
Chandbhaiicon Chand Bhai Monk unique A Promising Warrior
Battles of Tarain
Cuauhtemocicon Cuauhtemoc Infantry Elite Eagle Warrior none
Francescosforzaicon Francesco Sforza Infantry Condottiero An End and a Beginning
O Fortuna
The Hand of a Daughter
The Ambrosian Republic
A New Duke of Milan
Franciscodeorellanaicon Francisco de Orellana Gunpowder cavalry Conquistador Tales of La Canela
The Split
The Amazones
The Cannibals
Frederickbarbarossaicon Frederick Barbarossa Infantry Teutonic Knight none
Gonzalopizarroicon Gonzalo Pizarro Gunpowder cavalry Conquistador The Split
Tales of La Canela
Jarlicon Jarl Cavalry Tarkan York
Khosrauicon Khosrau Cavalry archer Elephant Archer Bukhara
Osmanicon Osman Cavalry archer Heavy Cavalry Archer Bapheus
Prithviicon Prithvi Archer Crossbowman A Promising Warrior
Prithviicon Prithviraj Cavalry archer Heavy Cavalry Archer A Promising Warrior
The Digvijaya
The Elopement
Battles of Tarain
Queenicon Queen Civilian unique none
Saladinicon Saladin Cavalry Mameluke none
Sanyogitaicon Sanyogita Civilian unique The Elopement
A Promising Warrior
Savaranicon Savaran Cavalry Cataphract Bukhara
Vladdraculaicon Vlad Dracula Cavalry Boyar The Dragon Spreads His Wings
The Return of the Dragon
The Breath of the Dragon
The Moon Rises
The Night Falls

The African Kingdoms Edit

Hero Type Sprite Campaign appearances
WarElephantIcon Abraha Elephant Cavalry War Elephant none
ImperialCamelIcon Babur Cavalry Imperial Camel Rider none
Dagnajanicon Dagnajan Cavalry archer unique A Fallen Crown
Gidajanicon Gidajan Infantry unique Welcome Home
New Genoese Crossbowman Guglielmo Embriaco Archer Genoese Crossbowman none
2HandedswordsmanIcon Henry II Infantry Two-Handed Swordsman none
Slingericon Huayna Capac Archer Slinger none
JaguarWarriorIcon Itzcoatl Infantry Jaguar Warrior none
SpearmanIcon Little John Infantry Spearman none
Magyar Huszar icon Miklos Toldi Cavalry Magyar Huszar none
Musaibnnusayricon Musa ibn Nusayr Cavalry archer Camel Archer Consolidation and Subjugation
JanissaryIcon Mustafa Pasha Gunpowder unit Janissary none
PlumedArcherIcon Pacal II Archer Plumed Archer none
Kamayukicon Pachacuti Infantry Kamayuk none
Yoditicon Princess Yodit Civilian unique Path of Exile
Richarddeclareicon Richard de Clare Cavalry Light Cavalry none
ChuKoNuIcon Su Dingfang Archer Chu Ko Nu none
Sumanguruicon Sumanguru Cavalry Cataphract The Lion's Den
Sundjataicon Sundjata Cavalry Light Cavalry Hunted
Tariqibnziyadicon Tariq ibn Ziyad Cavalry archer Genitour The Battle of Guadalete
Consolidation and Subjugation
Crossing the Pyrenees
Magyar Huszar icon Tristan Cavalry Magyar Huszar none
Yekunoamlakicon Yekuno Amlak Infantry Shotel Warrior none
Yoditicon Yodit Infantry Gbeto none
HussarIcon Zawisza the Black Cavalry Hussar none

Rise of the Rajas Edit

Hero Type Sprite Campaign appearances
Bayinnaungicon Bayinnaung Cavalry Elite Battle Elephant The Burmese Tigers
The Mandalay Cobra
The Royal Peacock
Buibiicon Bui Bi Monk unique A Three-Pronged Attack
Dinhleicon Dinh Le Cavalry Paladin A Three-Pronged Attack
Envoyicon2 Envoy Cavalry Light Cavalry A Dangerous Mission
Gajahmadaicon Gajah Mada Infantry unique Unconditional Loyalty
The Pasunda Bubat Tragedy
KingC Jayanegara King King none
Jayaviravarmanicon Jayaviravarman Infantry Karambit Warrior Quelling the Rebellion
Lelaiicon Le Lai Infantry Two-Handed Swordsman The Mountain Siege
Lelaiicon Le Lai Infantry Champion The Mountain Siege
Leloiicon Le Loi Infantry Champion The Dai Viet Uprising
The Mountain Siege
The Battle at Hanoi
The Final Fortress
Letrienicon Le Trien Infantry Champion A Three-Pronged Attack
Luunhanchuicon Luu Nhan Chu Archer Arbalester A Three-Pronged Attack
Radenwijayaicon Raden Wijaya Cavalry Cavalier The Story of Our Founders
Sundaroyalfightericon Sunda Royal Fighter Infantry unique The Pasunda Bubat Tragedy
The Burmese Tigers
The Mandalay Cobra
The White Elephant
Suryavarmaniicon Suryavarman I Cavalry Elite Battle Elephant Usurpation
A Dangerous Mission
Tabinshwehtiicon Tabinshwehti Cavalry archer Elephant Archer The Burmese Tigers
The Mandalay Cobra
Udayadityavarmaniicon Udayadityavarman I King King Usurpation
Wangtongicon Wang Tong Cavalry Cataphract none

The Last Khans Edit

Hero Type Sprite Campaign appearances
Buibiicon Alaric the Goth Cavalry
22px Anccu Hualloc The Falcon's Nest
22px Apo Mayta Infantry The Falcon's Nest
Buibiicon Ataulf Infantry
22px Bayezid A Titan Amongst Mortals
22px Bulgar Khan Cavalry Konnik Harbinger of Destruction
CumanChiefIcon Cuman chief Cavalry Steppe Lancer Blood for Blood
A New Home
CusiYupanquiIcon Cusi Yupanqui Infantry Eagle Warrior The Field of Blood
22px Georgi Terter Cavalry An Unlikely Alliance
Echoes of Heroes
GirgenKhan Girgen Khan Cavalry Kipchak Saving the Huts
Buibiicon Grolf the Granger Infantry
Buibiicon Henry the Lion Cavalry
22px Hranislav Cavalry Archer A Most Unlikely Man
22px Hranislav Cavalry Tsar of the Bulgars
22px Ivaylo Cavalry Konnik A Most Unlikely Man
An Unlikely Alliance
Tsar of the Bulgars
Echoes of Heroes
Where the One-Eyed Man is King
22px Kasim Beg Cavalry Keshik Tsar of the Bulgars
Echoes of Heroes
Where the One-Eyed Man is King
KotyanKhanIcon Kotyan Khan Cavalry Archer Kipchak Raising the Banners
The Battle at the Kalka River
Saving the Huts
Priest Kozma Monk Priest Echoes of Heroes
22px Nogai Khan Cavalry Archer Tsar of the Bulgars
Where the One-Eyed Man is King
PachacutiIcon Pachacuti Infantry Kamayuk War of Brothers
22px Radu Negru Cavalry Where the One-Eyed Man is King
King Roland Bursa King King Where the One-Eyed Man is King
Tamerlaneicon Tamerlane Cavalry Archer Mangudai Amir of Transoxiana
22px Timur Qutlugh Cavalry Archer Harbinger of Destruction
22px Togortac Khan A New Home
Tokhtamysh Tokhtamysh Amir of Transoxiana
TsarKonstantinIcon Tsar Konstantin Cavalry unique A Most Unlikely Man
TopaYupanquiIcon Tupac Yupanqui Like Father, Like Son
22px Urco War of Brothers
UrusKhan Urus Khan Cavalry Archer Amir of Transoxiana
22px Vicaquirao Infantry The Falcon's Nest
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