The Hero of Ragnarok is a Norse hero in Age of Mythology. It cannot be trained by normal means, but is instead created from the player's Gatherers and Dwarves with the Ragnarok god power. Consequently, they are only available to worshipers of Baldr.

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Heroes of Ragnarok are similar to the regular Norse heroes, the Hersirs - they have a melee attack and are considered Infantry units. Comparing the two, Heroes of Ragnarok have a stronger general attack, are faster and have more armor than Hersirs. They also have slightly fewer hit points and are not quite as good against myth units. However, there is no need for them to specialize as dozens of them are created at the same time. Any army they face will basically be steamrolled. To maximize the effects of the god power, it is recommended to train as many Gatherers and/or Dwarves as possible prior to invoking it.

Mythology Edit

"After the three winters -- the bitter Winter of Winds, the fearsome Winter of Wolves and the bloody Winter of Swords -- the cocks Fjalar and Gullinkambi will crow, announcing Ragnarok, the Final Battle, where the gods themselves will die fighting the forces of evil. All of the nine worlds, gods, mortals and giants will be destroyed by the fighting. But hope does not die with the nine worlds, for a new world of peace will be born out of the ashes of the old. It is for this world that the gods and heroes fight."

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