Hero Hector

The Hero Hector

A hero is a special unit, typically a named historical or mythological figure. Heroes are not available in random-map games, but often appear in campaign scenarios and sometimes as "must-survive" heroes; that is, the game is lost if that unit is killed.

Age of Empires Edit

Name Bio Appearances Sprite Civilization
Blind Lame Priest A respected fellow who really stinks at hide-and-seek. The Assassins Priest Yamato
Hero Alexander Young and ambitious king of Macedon and ruler of Greece. One of the greatest commanders in all of history. Trojan War (original only)

Alexander the Great (Definitive Edition)

Heavy cavalry Greeks
Hero Amon Ra The most powerful of the Egyptian deities. He is the sun god as well as "The King of the Gods". None Priest Egyptians
Hero Corlis A commoner whose dream it is to one day become a hero. Will he succeed? None Villager Any
Hero Hector Prince of Troy and slayer of Greek heroes. A proud warrior whose courage seldom fails him. Trojan War Heavy cavalry Greeks
Hero Herisfon Brother of Corlis, he has the same ambition. Probably not from the smartest of families. None Villager Any
Hero Jason The daring leader of the Argonauts who retrieved the Golden Fleece from island of Colchis Siege of Athens (original only) Khopeshman

/Axeman (corpse)

Hero Mor Havoc This man has one goal; to destroy everything he can and to cause as much suffering as possible. It is probably why they started calling him Mor Havoc. None Priest Any
Hero Perseus Son of Zeus, founder of Mycenae, and slayer of the Gorgon Medusa. Favoured by the Gods. The Assassins (Replaced in Definitive Edition) Composite Bowman Greeks
Hero Vercingetorix Produd chieftain of the Arverni. He has formed a coalition of Gallic tribes to check the expanding power of Rome. The Siege of Alesia. Cataphract Assyria (Gaul)
Hero Tiberius Emperor against his will, but one of Rome's greatest generals. None Chariot Romans
Hero Xerxes King of Kings. Ruler of the Persian Empire and a notorious expansionist. The Assassins
Xenophon's March (Both only in the original, replaced and removed respectively in Definitive Edition)
Short Swordsman Persians/Shang

The Rise of Rome Edit

Name Bio Appearances Sprite Civilization
Cleopatra's Barge Cleopatra's flagship. She commands her entire fleet from this command post. Actium Juggernaught Egyptians
Hero Archimedes The brilliant Greek scientist and inventor. Famed for his mathematical and engineering accomplishments. Syracuse Priest Greeks
Hero Caesar Ingenious general and statesman. His ambition to become the sole ruler of the Roman Republic is likely to get him murdered. Ave Caesar Heavy cavalry Romans
Hero Hannibal The bane of Rome and champion of Carthage. It is unlikely there has been, or ever will be a better general than Hannibal "Lightning" Barca. Crossing the Alps War Elephant Carthaginians
Hero Marc Antony Lieutenant of Caesar, lover of Cleopatra, and would-be master of Rome. None Short Swordman Romans
Hero Scipio Roman general from a famed family of military leaders. He defeated Carthage. The Battle of Metaurus (Definitive Edition only) Cataphract Romans
Mirror Tower Contains a sophisticated array of light-gathering mirrors to focus intense heat upon attacking ships and troops. Syracuse Ballista Tower Greeks
Zenobia's Tower Queen Zenobia's architectural masterpiece. This defensive structure is the strongest in existence. None Ballista Tower Palmyrans

Definitive Edition Edit

Descriptions were added to the existing heroes in the Definitive Edition, besides stats changes and new uses of them in the campaigns scenarios.

Name Bio Appearances Sprite Civilization
Chieftain A chieftain of a mighty tribal confederation. The Assassins (Definitive Edition version) Short Swordsman Any
General Commander of the armies. Xenophon's March (Definitive Edition version) Cataphract Any
Pharaoh Political and religious leader of the Egyptian people. Raid on Babylon Priest Egyptians/Babylonians
Lord Martek None Centurion Any
Prince Shotoku Warrior prince and defender of the Emperor. The Canyon of Death (Definitive Edition version) Heavy Horse Archer Yamato
Hero Generic Hero. None Heavy Cavalry All
Hero Achilles Greek hero of the Trojan War and the greatest warrior to have ever lived. Immortal, but for some reason is very protective of his heels. Trojan War (Definitive Edition version) Broad Swordsman Greeks
Hero Ajax Brother-in-arms of Achilles and the strongest and tallest of all Greek Warriors. The only powerful enough to beat him... is himself. Trojan War (Definitive Edition version) Phalanx Greeks
Hero Muwatalli The fearsome Hittite warrior king. Battle of Kadesh (Definitive Edition version) Scythe Chariot Hittites
Hero Odysseus King of the island of Ithaca and the most brilliant of the Greeks. Trojan War (Definitive Edition version) Composite Bowman Greeks
Hero Paris Dashing and headstrong yet foolish Prince of Troy. Instigator of the Trojan War. Trojan War (Definitive Edition version) Cavalry Greeks
Hero Pericles The first citizen of Athens. He has turned the small city state into an Athenian empire. None Phalanx Greeks
Hero Ramesses The great Pharaoh and embodiment of the Sun God. Battle of Kadesh (Definitive Edition version) Chariot Archer Egyptians
Hero Xanthippus Spartan Mercenary general and tactical genius hired by Carthaginians to help them fight Rome. Battle of Tunes (Definitive Edition version) Centurion Carthaginians/Greeks
Hero Xu Fu Court sorcerer of the Chinese Emperor seeking eternal life on Mt Fuji. Also known as Jofuku. The Assassins (Definitive Edition version) Composite Bowman Yamato (Chinese)
High Priest High Priest of an ancient arcane religion. ? Priest any

Age of Empires II Edit

Starting with Age of Empires II: The Conquerors, heroes have the ability to regenerate and are immune to conversion.

Main article: Heroes (Age of Empires II)

Age of Mythology Edit

In Age of Mythology, heroes are a core unit type and serve primarily as a counter to myth units.

Main article: Hero (Age of Mythology)

Age of Empires III Edit

Aoe3 unit prev

Elisabet Ramsey and Delgado

Campaign Edit

Name Game Act
Admiral Jinhai The Asian Dynasties Act II: China
Amelia Black Original Act III: Steel
Alain Magnan Original Act I: Blood
Bahadur Shah The Asian Dynasties Act III: India
Chayton Black The WarChiefs Act II: Shadow
Chief Brave Wolf The WarChiefs Act II: Shadow
Chief Two Moon The WarChiefs Act II: Shadow
Chief Bull Bear The WarChiefs Act II: Shadow
Colonel Edwardson The Asian Dynasties Act III: India
Crazy Horse The WarChiefs Act II: Shadow
Daimyo Mototada The Asian Dynasties Act I: Japan
Delgado Original Act I: Blood
Elisabet Ramsey Original Act I: Blood
General Custer The WarChiefs Act II: Shadow
General Kichiro The Asian Dynasties

Act I: Japan

George Washington

The WarChiefs

Act II: Ice

Act I: Fire

Jian Huang The Asian Dynasties Act II: China
John Black Original Act II: Ice
Kanyenke Original
The WarChiefs
Act II: Ice
Act III: Steel
Act I: Fire
Lao Chen The Asian Dynasties Act II: China
Major Cooper Original Act III: Steel
Morgan Black Original Act I: Blood
Act III: Steel
Nanib Sahir The Asian Dynasties Act III: India
Nathaniel Black The WarChiefs Act I: Fire
Nonahkee Original
The WarChiefs

Act II: Ice

Act I: Fire

Pierre Beaumont Original Act III: Steel
Pravar Patel The Asian Dynasties Act III: India
Sahin The Falcon Original Act I: Blood
Sheriff Holme The WarChiefs Act II: Shadow
Shogun Tokugawa The Asian Dynasties Act I: Japan
Simón Bolívar Original Act III: Steel
Stuart Black Original Act II: Ice
Sven Kuechler The WarChiefs Act I: Fire
Warwick Original Act II: Ice

Non-campaign Edit

In Age of Empires III and its expansions, the Explorer/War Chief/Monk functions as a hero unit and it cannot be killed.

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