Heresy is a technology in Age of Empires II: The Conquerors that can be researched at the Monastery. Once researched, it causes own units that have been converted by an enemy Monk to die, instead of joining the opposing player. Converted buildings are destroyed.

Heresy is very useful, as it prevents the player's own units to be converted to the enemy and have them turn against each other. Since a converted unit now dies, it doesn't distract and harm the remaining troops anymore. It is highly recommended to research Heresy if the enemy conducts a Monk rush at a player's base. Having this upgrade ensures that the troops are organized in battle and to minimize losses. Given its high cost, however, it is not recommended to research Heresy if opposing players don't regularly use Monks for conversion purposes.

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"As the Middle Ages progressed, Christianity in Europe faced a number of challenges, including heresy. This word came into use in the 13th century to define an opinion or doctrine that was contrary to church dogma. New opinions popped up at an alarming rate. Philosophers studying the Bible suggested new interpretations. Contact with pagan beliefs led to distortions of dogma in the hinterlands. Anyone who attempted to newly interpret the lessons of the Bible risked being accused of heresy. Coming to believe in a heretical position was seen by church leaders as a supreme sin, and many people condemned as heretics were burned at the stake."

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