The Heracles of Greek mythology had superhuman strength as he was a demi-god, the son of the god Zeus and a mortal. In Age of Mythology, he is the Heroic Age hero for Zeus.

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Like all Greek Heroes, Heracles is superb against myth units and fair against other unit types.

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Age -- 40

Homeland -- Thebes

Occupation -- hero and demigod

The son of Zeus and a mortal woman, Heracles (called Hercules in Latin) was endowed with incredible strength. He strangled serpents in his cribs as a baby and killed a lion with his bare hands as youth. Unfortunately he had a terrible enemy in Hera, Zeus' wife in Olympus. She drove Heracles mad to the point that he killed his own children and those of his brother. After recovering his sanity he sought advice from the Oracle of Delphi for penance to resume a normal life. She instructed him to perform his famous twelve labors. These included killing beasts like the Nemean Lion (which he strangled) and the Hydra, capturing other beasts, and a variety of other quests. With the twelve labors complete, he was allowed to return to Thebes and remarry. Heracles died much later after being treacherously poisoned by a Centaur who had tried to abduct his wife. Upon his death he was removed to Olympus and endowed with immortality.

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