Henry the Lion is the second scenario of the Barbarossa campaign in Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings.

Scenario instructions Edit

Starting conditions Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Defeat Poland.
    • Defeat Henry the Lion.

Hints Edit

  • The German states of Bavaria and Saxony are 'feeding' the armies of Barbarossa and Henry the Lion. Defend the helpless feeders at all costs.

Players Edit

Player Edit

  • Player (Teutons): The player starts in a central-western position on the map. All military building for training land units are at the player's disposal, but no Villagers, so the player cannot build up an economy.

Allies Edit

  • Bavaria (Teutons): Bavaria lies in the southern part of the map, with only Villagers and civilian buildings, gathering resources and paying tribute to the player.
  • Saxony (Teutons): Saxony lies in the northwest. Just like Bavaria, they also have only Villagers and civilian buildings, gathering resources and paying tribute to the player.
  • Henry the Lion (Teutons): Henry the Lion has his base at the western tip of the map, without any Villagers. He builds rams and Teutonic Knights. As his stance towards Poland is 'ally', his army does not resist the Polish invasion and simply gets slaughtered by the Polish. In a later stage of the game, he becomes the player's enemy and the player must defeat him.

Enemies Edit

Strategy Edit

The player starts from the central-western part of the map. Poland will have a navy attacking them in the early stage of the game, so they may need to build Fire Ships to defend themselves against the Polish navy. However, once the player has destroyed the Polish navy and they have stopped building a navy, they may start building Trade Cogs to trade with the Polish Docks. It is also possible to end the threat of a Polish navy very early on (at least on standard difficulty) by sending the player's Fire Ships to burn down their Docks in the very early game. The player will encounter War Galleys en route which they must eliminate, but this can almost instantly remove considerations of a Polish navy from the game.

Poland will invade both the player and Henry the Lion (which will simply get slaughtered without resistance), and may occasionally attack Saxony and Bavaria. As Poland is attacking Henry the Lion, it would be advisable to at least destroy their mangonels to prevent them from stationing at the west, where some Gaia villagers will spawn.

Henry the Lion will betray the player and become their enemy either at the 2000th second (33 minutes and 20 seconds) mark of the game, or when the northwestern Polish castle (on the western side of the river, near Saxony) is being destroyed, or the player has crossed the river into the northern or southeastern part of the Polish base, or if they change stance with him to enemy.

The player will be informed by a soldier of theirs that Henry the Lion has some villagers at the west (actually the Gaia villagers mentioned above) ready for their possession. There will be a flag marked at that spot. Send any unit to the flag and the Gaia villagers become the player's. (If there is any enemy around, they may start attacking the villagers, and any Mangonel will deal a great blow against the villagers). There is also a relic there, being confined in Henry the Lion's walls and locked gate. If the Polish army has destroyed the structure, the player may just send a Monk to take the relic, as long as there is no enemy around.

It may be a good idea to convert Polish Huskarls whenever possible, in order to make use of their speed and strength, as they cannot research Heresy.

Alternative way Edit

Players can defeat Henry the Lion by changing their stance to neutral, building Rams, and attack Henry's Castle, Siege Workshop, and Barracks before he changes his stance to enemy.

Alternatively, use Mangonels and the "Attack Ground" command.

Trivia Edit

  • In history, Henry the Lion was the Duke of Saxony (1142-1180) and also the Duke of Bavaria (1156-1180). Probably this explains why he remains allied with Saxony and Bavaria in this game, despite betraying the player (Barbarossa).
  • Although Henry the Lion was indeed a rival of Barbarossa, and tried to expand his power at his expense, he never waged war on him. The reason he was banished from Germany by Barbarossa was not treason, but insubordination, for refusing to give military support to his campaign in northern Italy.
  • Henry the Lion serves as the narrator of the Barbarossa Campaign.
  • This is the one of the two scenarios in which a player starts with over 20,000 points; namely, Henry and the Polish.
    • The other scenario wherein other players starts with over 20,000 points is York
  • The only way to win this scenario without being betrayed by Henry (and thus share a victory) is with the "i r winner" cheat.

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