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Improvements wanted[]

Some of the 5,202 articles already written need improvement (additions and/or corrections). See, for example, a list of the shortest articles. ANYONE can help.

The red links or question marks that you will see on most pages usually stand for articles that deserve to be written but that nobody has started on. If you could click on a link you know something about and write a couple of sentences, then "Save page" (preferably after a look using "Show preview"), that would be a good start and might inspire others to join in. (If not sure how to structure the article, you can see if there is a corresponding page on the English Wikipedia, and summarize some of what is there.)

To "fix" the red links on as many pages as possible, find one of the "Most Wanted Articles" and create an article that is currently a "dead-end" link on more than one page.


People can find groups of articles of interest by browsing the category tree, either from the top or from any category they come across. Many articles are created with no category link or not all that they could usefully have. You can improve the linkages by adding suitable category links to any article. See the current complete list of categories. Don't be afraid to create a new category if it seems right. Often the corresponding page in Wikipedia has categories that could be right for us.

The pages most in need of having category links added are the completely uncategorized articles and categories. Please have the occasional look at Special:Uncategorizedcategories and Special:Uncategorizedpages.

Adding a page to a category is easy. Just type at the end of any page:

[[Category:category name here]]

How to edit[]

See Help:Editing.


If you see a page that needs improvement, but are not sure which way it should go, you can use its talk page to list your ideas and ask questions.

That will make it appear in the list of recent changes, and therefore likely to be noticed soon by an active contributor. If there is no response within a few days, you can post a message on the talk page of one of the recent contributors.