This article is about the unit in Age of Mythology. For the unit in Age of Empires, see Helepolis (Age of Empires).
The Helepolis is a Greek siege tower unit available in the Mythic Age. It shoots multiple bolts from close range which do both pierce and crush damage.

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Special ability Edit

The Helepolis can garrison up to five units, which increases its attack. If the Helepolis is destroyed, the units are ejected.

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Like the Petrobolos, the Helepolis is a top-quality Greek siege unit. It is like an ancient version of a tank; it has by far the highest hit points of any non-myth unit and can turn buildings to rubble with ease. Helepolises also do decent damage against units sent against them. Nevertheless, this unit still requires an escort as they can quite quickly be destroyed by massed cavalry and infantry attacks.

Due to their ability to garrison up to five units, Helepolises are useful on water maps such as Islands or Archipelago. Players can garrison some soldiers in the Helepolis, then garrison the Helepolis itself into a Transport Ship. This makes it possible for players to ferry more units across the water at once. It should be noted that only Heroes, Villagers and Human Infantry or Human Archers can enter a Helepolis.

Changelog Edit

Age of Mythology Edit

  • Originally, Helepolises had 20 hack armor and 700 hit points, and cost 4 population. With patch 1.02, they have 5 hack armor and 650 hit points, and cost 5 population.

History Edit

"The name of this siege machine translates as "taker of cities." The name was first applied to a mobile tower constructed by Greeks to attack a city on Cyprus. This large movable tower mounted stone throwers and ballistas of different sizes, with the smallest at the top. Two hundred men pushed the tower up to the enemy walls using parallel beams extending out from its bottom. The larger weapons in the machines battered the walls while the smaller ones swept defenders off the walls in preparation for an assault."

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