"You have advanced to the Mythic Age under the Supremacy of Hekate."
Age up text in Age of Mythology

Hekate is an Atlantean minor god in Age of Mythology. She is available in the Mythic Age. She is available to worshipers of Gaia and Oranos.

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  • LampadesIcon Lampades: Myth units that turn enemy soldiers chaotic and deal splash damage upon death.


Hekate’s benefits can be used offensively or defensively, making her a popular choice for Atlantean players. The Lampades can turn enemy units neutral, which is useful for fighting off weakened soldiers or turning powerful myth units against their former allies. Lampades can also be upgraded with Asper Blood, making their deaths less punishing when defending or invading. All Myth Units can be granted faster training speed and regeneration with the Celerity and Mythic Rejuvenation technologies respectively, making it easier for players to mass them. This can be used to either counter a surprise attack or overwhelm the enemy while increasing the longevity of Myth Units without relying on a Caladria. The Tartarian Gate God Power on the other hand is purely offensive as casting it near the player’s base puts them at risk of being attacked by the Tartarian Spawns. Instead, it is best used to destroy a handful of buildings and pester the enemy while the player’s own army is being assembled for the final push. Gaia worshipers have the additional advantage of casting a gate that can regenerate HP.


Hekate was a goddess of the night, ghosts, and magic, and she was associated with crossroads. A three-faced statue of Hekate, showing a dog, a lion (or snake), and a mare, was placed where three roads met. She was said to appear when the Moon went into eclipse and was accompanied by two ghost dogs. From her parents, the Titans Perses and Asteria, she inherited powers over the earth, sea, and heavens. Her three heads were thought to represent Luna in heaven, Artemis on Earth, and Persephone in the underworld. She assisted Demeter in her search for Persephone and after their reunion became Persephone’s companion in Hades. She is often portrayed carrying two torches.

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