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Prince of Troy and slayer of Greek heroes. A proud warrior whose courage seldom fails him.
—In-game description in the Definitive Edition

Hector (Hero Hector before Return of Rome) is a cavalry unit only available in campaign modes in Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome.

The stats can be improved just like any other cavalry in the game. The unit cannot be trained in the Stable.


Prince of Troy and slayer of Greek heroes. A proud warrior whose courage seldom fails him.

He is unique in that he can move, but not be tasked by the player to anything (i.e. he cannot be told to attack anything, or board a transport). He will still auto-retaliate if attacked, however.

Hector also appears on the Trojan War scenario of the Glory of Greece campaign. In this scenario, the player must besiege Troy and kill him, as well as capture the Trojans' Artifact. In the Definitive Edition, the player must also kill Paris, his younger brother.

Further statistics[]

Unit strengths and weaknesses
Strong vs. Infantry
Weak vs. Centurions, War Elephants
Hit points NobilityIcon Nobility (+15%)
Attack Toolworking Toolworking (+2)
Metalworkingicon Metalworking (+2)
Metallurgyicon Metallurgy (+3)
Armor Leatherarmorcavalryicon Leather Armor Cavalry (+2/+0)
Scalearmorcavalryicon Scale Armor Cavalry (+2/+0)
Chainmailcavalryicon Chain Mail Cavalry (+2/+0)

Civilization bonuses[]


  • If the player clicks on the in-game Help (? icon) then proceeds to click on Hector's unit in-game, his name will appear as Hero07.
    • It is possible that all Heroes in-game were assigned with numbers during the game's developmental phase. This is backed up by the originally unused "Hero 12".


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