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This article is about the unit class in Age of Empires III. For other uses of the term, see Heavy cavalry.
Aoe3 unit type heavy cavalry

Heavy cavalry is a tag in Age of Empires III, referred to as AbstractHeavyCavalry in the game files. Almost all heavy cavalry-types are hand cavalry except Rifle Riders, Jagunços and Mounted Granaderos.

There are three types of heavy cavalry:

  • Hand cavalry: All cavalry that use swords, lances and blunt weapons (labeled as AbstractHandCavalry in the game files)
  • Ranged heavy cavalry: Cavalry that can perform a ranged attack but it's also good in melee combat (labeled as AbstractRangedHeavyCavalry in the game files)
  • Lance cavalry: Cavalry that use lances and usually have a bonus against infantry. (labeled as AbstractLancer in the game files)

Some heavy cavalry have also the siege unit tag, which are specialized in besieging buildings (labeled as AbstractSiegeTrooper in the game files).


Heavy cavalry usually have high hit points and a large melee attack. However, they are also expensive and normally take two or more population slots (with some exceptions, such as Cossacks and Steppe Riders). With update 43871, the icons for heavy cavalry and hand cavalry were added.

Most heavy cavalry are vulnerable to heavy infantry, such as Pikemen, light ranged cavalry, such as Dragoons, and ranged shock infantry, such as Eagle Runner Knights. Exceptions are Lancers, Jat Lancers, Mahout Lancers, Elmetti, Rifle Riders, and Tokala Soldiers, thanks to their bonus against infantry/heavy infantry, and Sipahi and Cuirassiers because of their large hit points.

Heavy cavalry are considered the hard counter to light infantry (rifle infantry and foot archers; except Rifle Riders, Jagunços and Mounted Granaderos, since they have a light cavalry tag) and counter-skirmishers. They are highly effective at destroying artillery such as Falconets, because of their high hit points, speed, and attack. A small group of heavy cavalry can usually take out a cannon in seconds.

The Aztecs and the Inca use hand shock infantry instead of heavy cavalry.

Hand cavalry[]

Aoe3 unit type melee cavalry

The following units are tagged as hand cavalry, but not heavy cavalry:

Ranged heavy cavalry[]

The following units are hand cavalry that also have the ranged heavy cavalry tag:

The following unit is tagged as heavy cavalry and ranged heavy cavalry, but not hand cavalry:

Some of ranged heavy cavalry units have penalties against AbstractPikeman tag (shown has hand infantry in-game)

Lance cavalry[]


The following units are hand cavalry that also have the siege unit tag:

Rifle Riders, Jagunços and Mounted Granaderos are tagged as light and heavy cavalry


  • Rifle Riders, Jagunços, and Mounted Granaderos are the only heavy cavalry units that are not tagged as hand cavalry.
  • Berber Camel Riders are the only hand cavalry units that are not tagged as heavy cavalry.
  • Despite Meteor Hammers and Chinacos having a small range, they do not have a ranged cavalry tag. They perform a hand attack at range.
  • The Lakota War Chief had no heavy cavalry tag before the Definitive Edition.


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