This article is about the unit class in Age of Empires III. For other uses of the term, see Heavy cavalry (disambiguation).
Aoe3 unit type cavalry
Heavy cavalry are mounted units in Age of Empires III that use swords, axes, or lances to kill enemies.

They have high hit points and a large melee attack, however they are also expensive and normally take two or more population slots (there are some exceptions, such as Cossacks and Steppe Riders).

Most heavy cavalry have attack bonuses against light infantry, and are usually fielded in relatively small numbers. They are vulnerable to hand infantry (except Lancers, Jat Lancers, Mahout Lancers, Elmeti, Spahi, and Cuirassiers) such as Pikemen and ranged cavalry, such as Dragoons.

Heavy cavalry are highly effective at destroying Artillery, such as Falconets, because of their high hit points, speed, and attack. A small group of heavy cavalry can usually take out a cannon in seconds.

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