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Heavy Infantry is a broad tag from the class system of Age of Empires III, being a subtype of infantry. They are usually good against cavalry and Shock Infantry, with a melee or low to medium range attack. In the game files, they are referred to as AbstractHeavyInfantry. They are vulnerable to artillery, foot archers, and Rifle Infantry.

There are four major tags related to Heavy Infantry:

  • Musket Infantry (AbstractMusketeer in the game files)
  • Hand Infantry (AbstratHandInfantry in the game files, except Urumis, which do not have the Heavy Infantry tag)
  • Grenade Trooper (AbstractGrenadier in the game files, except Mounted Granaderos that are cavalry units)
  • Siege unit (AbstractSiegeTroopers in the game files, a tag not unique to infantry units)