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This article is about the God Power in the handheld video game. For the God Power in the PC game, see Healing Spring.
Healingspring AoEM
Fear not your wounds! Your cause is just, and Forseti will restore your health.
—Forseti upon casting Healing Spring

Healing Spring is a Norse god power in Age of Empires: Mythologies available to worshipers of Forseti. It creates an indestructible spring that heals friendly units.


Players can select a tile of their choice to make the Healing Spring appear. From hereon out, at the beginning of the player's turn the spring will heal the HP of friendly units. For units to be affected, they must be located on a tile adjacent to the spring. Although the amount of HP healed is fairly small, human soldiers already regenerate 10% of their HP due to Thor's bonus, so the effects do stack up. Players can speed up the process by training Priests and have them heal units whose health is especially low.

As well as maintaining the health of the player's army, the Healing Spring can act as a makeshift wall. Enemy units cannot pass through it and cannot damage it. Even more impressive, they cannot capture it and once placed on the map, it stays. If placed on a narrow choke point, players can partially block an enemy's access to their town, or seal it altogether.This can force the enemy to take a considerable detour to reach the player's army while they're regaining health.