"You have advanced to the Heroic Age through the Flow of He Bo."
Age up text in Age of Mythology

He Bo is a Heroic Age Chinese minor god in Tale of the Dragon. He is available to worshipers of Nü Wa and Shennong.

Attributes Edit

God Power Edit

  • GeyserIcon Geyser: Summons multiple holes where water spurts out of the Earth and damages opponents.

Technologies Edit

Myth Unit Edit

  • WarSalamanderIcon War Salamander: Strong amphibian unit that can move both on land and in water.

Strategy Edit

He Bo’s benefits can either be offensive or defensive, depending how the player chooses to apply them. The Rammed Earth technology can be used to make a forward base sturdier as they mass-produce military units. Alternatively, defensive players, especially those worshiping Shennong, can increase the HP of their walls so that they can withstand attacks longer. Lord of the River increases the HP of Fire Ships, enabling them to last longer in naval battles and better protect shoreline fortifications from Siege Ships.

His god power, Geyser, causes enemy troops to be scattered and disorganized on top of receiving damage. This can either protect the player’s own units as they escape danger or prevent the enemy itself from escaping when the odds are against them. He Bo’s Myth Unit, the War Salamander, is well suited for hit-and-run operations. In small groups they can ambush enemies and deal massive damage. If the enemy retaliates, War Salamanders can both retreat to the waters or onto the shore and remain out of reach until they are fully healed by monks.

He Bo also provides one economical benefit with his Sacrifices technology. Once researched, players can now use their gardens to generate other resources and still be guaranteed a steady trickle of favor.


He Bo, also known as Bingyi, is god of the great Yellow River. He is described in his true form as a fish with the head of a man, But he can transform into other creatures. He often rides around in a chariot pulled by dragons.

One day He Bo decided to transform into a great white dragon and roam around the earth for a day. However, midway through his travels he came upon Houyi the Archer, who shot him in the eye. He Bo complained to Shangdi and cried for vengeance, but the god would hear none of it. “If you had been carrying out your godly duties, how would you have been shot? If you were running around like a beast, then Houyi acted properly shooting at you.”

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