This article is about the goddess in Age of Mythology. For the goddess in Age of Empires: Mythologies, see Hathor (Age of Empires: Mythologies).
"You have advanced to the Heroic Age through the Grace of Hathor."
Age up text in Age of Mythology

Hathor is an Egyptian Heroic Age minor god in Age of Mythology. She is available to Ra and Isis.

Attributes Edit

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Technologies Edit

Myth units Edit

  • RocIcon Roc: A giant eagle that can transport units.
  • PetsuchosIcon Petsuchos: A crocodile that fires a powerful beam of light with 100% accuracy.

Strategy Edit

Hathor's bonuses are mostly defensive. Sun-dried Mud Brick increases the hit points of buildings, in addition to making them cheaper. This helps buildings to last longer, but also enables forward bases to be built more quickly. The gold a player saves from the technology can be used for other things, such as training Mercenaries. With Medjay increasing the lifespan of Mercenaries from 40 to 70 seconds, they can serve for perhaps an entire battle, and can sometimes be used offensively. Hathor's god power is Locust Swarm, which is purely offensive against another player's economy and can be used to set back the other player by several hundred wood in getting their economy functional again (gold if it was used on an Egyptian player's farms).

Hathor has two myth units: the first is the Petsuchos, which, being slow and having a high pierce attack, is excellent at defense. Her second myth unit, the Roc, is the game's only flying transport unit, and can be used in several ways to give the player tactical advantages.

Mythology Edit

"A goddess of the sky and fertility, Hathor was portrayed as a cow, a woman with the head of a cow, or as a woman with a headdress of cow’s horns and a sun disk. She may have been a daughter of Ra, who relies on her in several myths. In other myths, she and Sekhmet are portrayed as the same goddess. Hathor was popular as the goddess of love, and associated with festivals of music and dance. Worship of her spread into other nearby cultures, although her name was changed."

Trivia Edit

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