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This article is about the unit in the PC game. For the unit in the handheld video game, see Harpy (Age of Empires: Mythologies).

Harpy appearance

The Harpy (Ancient Greek: ἅρπυια/harpyia) is a monster seen in Age of Mythology. They are female avian creatures with the face of a woman and green plumage, who live exclusively in the Greek underworld Erebus, Hades' realm.


They are flying, unselectable units that cannot be attacked, yet can be killed, mainly by Son of Osiris' lightning attacks and Hera's Lightning Storm. Essentially, they replace Vultures and Hawks as decorative "birds", as they are completely harmless, despite looking monstrous.

If a Harpy is killed, she falls straight to the ground. Harpies produce no sound, other than the beating of their wings.


Harpies appear exclusively in two maps: River Styx and Erebus, both in the Greek Underworld. Apart from that, they make their appearance in Fall of the Trident scenarios that feature the Underworld, such as Strangers.

Harpy Scout[]

Myth unit. Flying Scout. Has no attack. Can only be attacked by ranged units.

The Harpy is a Scenario Editor-exclusive myth unit, which differs from the wild Harpy, as it can be controlled by a player and used for gaining Line of Sight. It cannot attack, but can be attacked by ranged units and damaged by god powers. Its attributes are identical to the Vulture scout, which is another Scenario Editor unit.


  • While Harpies are harmless in-game, in Greek mythology they were fierce creatures, known for carrying evildoers to the Furies in order to be punished.
  • Harpies were originally intended to be units for Hades, as a unique mythical scout (like Pegasus for Zeus, and Hippocampus for Poseidon), but were eventually cut for unknown reasons.


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